Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review: SO BIG Mascara Lash (Lengthening) from Nature Republic

Hello ladies,

I have fairly short lashes, and very sparse as well so I really need good lengthening mascaras. I'm not one to experiment on mascaras since I can't really wear them all the time because they mark my glasses. Anyway, I bought this product roughly more than half a year ago and it's still working well. 

I like the simplicity of the package. It looks sophisticated and clean. 

I love that the brush is slightly curved. It's easier to hit the side parts.


On paper

On hand

My biggest problem with this product is that there's so much product on the brush, I always need to take off a lot of it.

So meet my new model's eyes... Anyway, here are her lashes sans mascara.

After one coat

After 2 coats

Well, as you can see, it needs a little building up to get that full lengthening effect. The problem is that it takes a while to dry it.

I always have this problem of having some dark "fall-off" residue on my lower lids midday when I'm wearing make up. I initially thought it was from the eye liner but for me, it also happens with mascaras. This one however, does not have that effect on me once the formula dries... However, the agony of keeping your eyes wide open for a while is quite a downer.

Could not remember the price though, but I think it's around 200 to 300. They them in two formulations: Lengthening and Curling. I hope to try the other one.

So all in all, I like this product. Still isn't my most favorite but is a good buy for me when I run out of cash for the more preferred ones. Hope you try it for yourself as well.


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