Monday, October 07, 2013

Physiogel Lotion

Good evening ladies,

I cannot completely label this post as a review... I guess it'd be more appropriate to call this an "education" post. Ok, so since last week I've been in my Dermatology rotation as a Junior Intern and I've confirmed the claims of certain brands as dermatologist recommended. One of the many dermatologist recommended products is, Physiogel.

They are most commonly prescribed to patients who have dermatitis and xerosis (dry skin) as part of the treatment to prevent patients from itching or scratching. This is because scratching any lesion / dermatitis makes it worse and helps it spread throughout the body. So since one of the most common causes of itchy skin is dryness lotions will help in relieving it.

Of course, this is preferred over our conventional lotions because of it's mildness. Remember that the shorter the product ingredients list is, the less chemicals it has and the milder it is.

Here's a picture of my legs 3 weeks before and a picture of it 3 weeks after I started using Physiogel.

As you can see, there's hardly anymore scaling over my leg after. I'm a little lazy in following the right instructions on how to put emollients that's why the scale-y look isn't completely gone. However, I promise that when you touch it, it feels as smooth as a baby's.

So, here are the tips on how to apply your lotions (in general):
1. Apply twice a day after bathing.
- when they say apply after bathing, it means you do not completely dry yourself. You pat your towel well enough so that you get all the extra water but you leave your skin still a little moist then you put the lotion atop of that. Why? So that the water resting on top of your skin will be locked in.

2. Creams over lotion
- for really dry skin, it would be much better to use a cream than a lotion since it's thicker and its emollient effect is apparently stronger than lotion.

Anyway, that's all I can share about this product and it's use. This is a must have product for those that have really bothersome dry skin like me. Hope this has helped.



  1. It seems nice but I have to find out if it may makes my hair grow any longer. :D

  2. Yeah, I use this whenever my eczema starts to break out. Sometimes, they don't even have the chance to really break out especially if I start putting lotion early on :P