Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sultry During the "Berr"-months

Good evening ladies,

So a few weeks back our dearest friend, sent us some very welcome gifts: 2 stunning make-up palettes. One for Dawn, the more colorful palette and one for me. So today I'd like to share with you the wonderful HEAT WAVE Eye shadow Palette from Smashbox.

This beautifully packaged palette maybe more suited for those summer/beach-y escapades but can well be adapted for the more formal / more glamour-craving events of the -ber months. As you can see, it's full of the ever must need colors for any make-up enthusiasts.

Swatched on arm:

On paper:

It's also a good starter palette for any girl who's new in make-up and needs a less daunting palette. The colors are not too bold and nor too pigmented allowing for inexperienced newbies or people like me (stupid with color matching) a lot of leeway for building up the color and adjusting it to seem perfect without over applying. 

The accompanying brush (it's a 2 in one) is also a good break in, to acquaint newbies to using different types of brushes for eye  make-up.

The palette also comes with a bonus lid primer. Will have to try this one out in the coming days so watch out for the review.

Lastly, what I really love about this palette is the mirror, with that size of mirror I can virtually my whole make-up in one sitting (because I like the dresser-set-up and need to constantly stand and look at my face infront of my cabinet's mirror).

Smashbox is available in any Beauty Bar branch, although I'm not sure if they have this there. If they do, do try it out for yourself. :)

So there you go ladies, that's my sultry piece of summer ready to conquer the "burr" of the -ber months and the stress of Medicine rotation. Until the next post! 


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