Saturday, October 05, 2013

Too Morocco or Not Too Morocco

Hello ladies,

It's been a while since my schedule cleared up. Anyway, here's a combined review of two Morocco Ghassoul Face Packs from Too Cool for School and Nature Republic.

So first off, the packaging...

Nature Republic's Moroco Ghassoul Pore Pack is certainly quite sophisticated looking. However, overtime, like all other upside-down squeeze bottles, or any squeeze bottles at that, a lot of the product is wasted on the cap. You know, the ones that accumulate over the plug thing on the cap. Also, since it is a squeeze bottle, getting all the product when it's almost empty is nearly impossible. Plus, it gets a little messy from time to time so clean up is a little hard. On the up side, dispensing the product is easy and "clean".

Too Cool For School's Rules of Pore Morocco Ghassoul Pack Cream has a more funky, fun look. Since it's packaged in a big container much like body butter, it allows greater access to the product. However, since you would always be dipping your hand inside, the dispensing part of the product becomes a little unsterile.


I've tried both products on my face, tried them side by side and all I can say is that, in terms of performance they both deliver equally. My face feels squeaky clean and smooth after using both products and my pores feel clean on both as well. The big difference with the two of them is, whether using a cream type is better than the lotion type.

Nature Republic's is easier to apply. It contains a little more water and is looser than cream so it's easier to spread. However, there is the risk of applying it too thin so there's a tendency to put more product than what is initially intended. 

It's very fragrant, I have to say that it's one of the best smelling products I've had the chance to smell.

Too Cool For School's Morocco Ghassoul Pack Cream, on the other hand, is also easy to spread but not as easy as the Nature Republic's. However, what I particularly like about it is that you're sure you've applied it evenly on your face. It's thicker when you apply it on and does not thin out as much so you can see all the areas that you've already applied on. Plus, this feels more like the mud pack that Morocco Ghassoul is.

It also has a pleasantly fragrant smell.

As for the price:
Nature Republic's is around 450 - 600 (can't really remember that well), and Too Cool For School's is 665.

Since the performance is equally impressive, the question of which to buy depends on whether you prefer cream or lotion-like consistency. Personally, I'd go with which one is cheaper since I usually don't have enough moolah. But if I had a LOT to spend, I'd choose the cream.

So that's it for this combined review. Hope that has helped you.


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  1. Thank you for sharing pore pack from Korea ^^