Sunday, October 20, 2013

Etude House Color Pop Shine Tint in Coral Pop

Hello dears!

Like wearing lip tints?
Well, you might want to check out Etude House's Color Pop Shine Tints.

I have one of the 10 available shades and it's the...

Etude House Color Pop Shine Tint in Coral Pop

It's Php 478.00 each.

I got this for free when I went to their Playhouse Princess Academy.

Below are pictures of what you'll see on the box:

The shades range from pinks and berries to reds, peaches and orange!
You can check them out on their website.

The packaging is pretty simple. Something that I don't expect from Etude House since most of their items are cased in super cute packaging.

Anyway, here are some info from their press release:

1. Lipstick + Tint + Lip gloss
3 in 1 magical tint that is highly pigmented like lipsticks, 
long-lasting like tints, and shiny ilke lip glosses
2. Hybrid-Gelling System
• Maximize the glossiness to enhance long-lasting 
effect by gelling much oil
•  Availability of various coloring with applying colors to 
oil phase and water phase simultaneously
3. Superb moisturizing and long-lasting
• Botanical Moisture Wrapping system : 
Hydro-Fitting Polymer with Guar helps 
outstanding moisturizing & long-lasting 
by forming moisture barrier

The applicator is somewhat different from the usual doe-foot applicators in other tints or lipglosses I've tried before. It has like a space in the middle where the product accumulates so that it holds a lot of it.

So here's the product on my lips!

Looking so zesty, huh??

I love the shade! I'm no fan of orange to be honest but I'm really liking this on my lips! My lips look so luscious and energized! The color lasts a long time but not all day—probably around 5 hours and that includes eating and drinking. And it is moisturizing. I don't have to put lip balm underneath anymore. No drying, no chapping!

So what do you think of Etude House's Color Pop Shine Tint? Do you think Coral Pop looks nice too? Would you wear a shade like this?



  1. What a cool color! Definitely checking this out. Kinda reminds me of their Fresh Cherry Tint. ^^

  2. Charlie - The other shades are pretty awesome too! Definitely worth checking out! :D