Thursday, October 03, 2013

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Pop

Hello loves!

Another palette was added to my eyeshadow collection when I received this in my July Glamourbox—a special edition Avon Glamourbox.

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Pop

This palette is worth Php 449.00.

The shades included are located at the back of the palette. They are Lavender, Pink Berry, Purple Flip and Vibrant Violet.
There's also an illustration on how you can wear the quad!

More info on the palette on the box including the ingredients list.

Packaging is black and simple.
Though I like black packaging, I don't find it sleek enough. It's just okay. :P 

 Below is a close up of the palette:

And below are the swatches: 

I'm a fan of purples and pinks and I find this pretty but not enough to really fall-in-love with it.  It's not very special for me. The pigmentation is good but a bit powdery and isn't long lasting enough on my oily lids unless I put on a good eye primer first.

What do you think of this palette from Avon?
Do you like wearing pink and purple eyeshadows?



  1. Is it just MY quad that can't load up on colors?! Everyone who's reviewed this hasn't had a problem with it, except meeee

  2. I'm not a fan of colorful palettes, I always go for the earth tones but this is just so cute! :)

    Much Love,

  3. Tellie - Awww... Maybe konting kayod pa? :P

    Krisella - I, on the other hand, like the colorful palettes! :)

  4. I looooove the colors! :D

    But I usually tend to have a problem with the Avon eye shadows because they never seem pigmented enough for me. :/ I have a gorgeous small eye shadow pallet with different shades of brown (which make for a wonderful smokey eye), but they really aren't pigmented. :(

    Are these any better?

  5. Amicia - I haven't tried much eyeshadows from Avon. This one is good but not something I would really rave about. I guess there are better palettes with better color payoff. :P

  6. I too love the colors and pinks and purples but they don't seem too pigmented!

    1. Yeah, they aren't too pigmented but I guess a primer can help. :P

  7. Lovely colours but I find them a bit chalky.

    Love from