Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wearing My New Colored Hair Proudly : A Hair Color Makeover With L'Oreal Professionnel & Tony and Jackey

Hello everyone!

So I've mentioned in a couple of my previous posts that I have gotten a new hair color care of L'Oreal Professionnel and Tony and Jackey. I was one of the lucky ones to get invited to participate in L'Oreal Professionnel's Wear Your Color Proud Campaign in which they intend to bring proper consultation and diagnosis between client and hairstylist regarding the best choice of hair color for Filipinas whether she is morena, mestiza or chinita.

My appointment was last Sunday at Tony and Jackey, SM Annex. I was allowed to bring a +1 to get a hair makeover for free as well. I have Isha, my giveaway winner with me that day. :D

This is only my second time availing a service from Tony and Jackey and it's my first time here in SM Annex. The salon was pretty big and it has comfy couches where we waited for an hour or two. Turns out, the salon wasn't informed about our appointment yet. Good thing Isha and I had fun talking about random things! 

Once everything was settled, we were sent to our seat where we will get our crowning glories colored! My area has this built-in monitor where I can watch shows that featured Tony and Jackey. Cool!

This color selection was shown to me so that I can see the range of colors from L'Oreal Professionnel that are available. 

I was eyeing a reddish tone for my hair and I asked my stylist, Ace, if that would suit me.

He picked this shade (the one at the top center) for me! And I completely agreed with him since I was looking at the exact color while looking at the choices!

Of course I had to take my last selfie with my old hair color!
Ace wanted to even out my hair first since I have around 5 inches of "virgin" hair already. So he colored it with the same shade of my previous hair color (golden brown) first.

That's no alien on top of my head! It's a steamer to make the process faster. 

After a few minutes,
Voila! Even hair color!

They dried my hair again then applied the new color!

I'm looking more and more excited!

By this time, my +1 was already done! She had like an opposite Ombre (darker at the bottom). You'll see pictures at the later part of the post.

Isha volunteered to take photos for me. Haha! Thank you! :D

And a few more minutes under the steamer again. :P

And look at that bloody head! Haha! I was crossing my fingers hoping that it will turn out good.

Wash, wash, wash! Only a few more minutes to go!

Then they dried my hair and Ace styled it and this is the final look:

One word: GORGEOUS!!!

I LOVE IT! I really, really do! It reminds me of a chili flavored chocolate—spicy and sweet or is it sugar and spice? Haha! Anyway, I can't stop looking at my hair!

Below you can see before and after pictures of my hair:

My hair looks healthier and shinier too!

I'm so thankful that everything worked out great! I was and still am so happy with my hair! I went shopping after this and I got compliments from most of the stores I went in. I felt really pretty that day. HAHA!

Me posing with Ace, my hairstylist.
I really liked how he was hands on during my session. His hands were light and you can really see that he knows what he was doing. I felt confident that my hair will be alright under his care.

And let's not forget Isha! Here's what her hair looks like after the hair makeover!

Gorgeous, right?
She looks blooming with the new hair color! :D

Isha and her hairstylist, Grace.

More pictures of Isha and I looking happy with our new hair color! :D :D :D

And Helen also scheduled her turn that day too. We were done with our appointment when she arrived but I stayed for a few to do some chitchats.
That's Helen looking serious while thinking of what would probably suit her.

After her hair session, we met up so I could see her new color.

Me with Helen and her +1.
The lighting where we took the photo was too warm but you can view her new hair on her blog soon.

I'd like to thank L'Oreal Professionnel for giving me this privilege to avail this service. I honestly love the outcome and I will probably maintain this color for a long, long while! I sure am a proud... errr... I'm actually torn if I am mestiza/chinita/morena... HAHAHAHA! Can you help me determine what I am? I'm 1/16 Chinese so that's probably out. I'm not dark enough to be morena yet I'm not really mestiza... I'm confused... But I'm a proud Filipina nonetheless and I'm proud of my hair color!

And before I end this post, check out this super awesome offer from L'Oreal Professionnel:

This will be available in the partner salons of L’OrealProfessionnel: Bench Fix Salon; Bang’s Tony & Jackey; Henri Calayag Salon; Philippe Tordjman Le Salon; Regine’s.

To know more about L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod and its #WearYourColorProud campaign, visit:



  1. Love your new hair color, Dawn!! You look greeeaaat!

  2. Wow! so pretty! Love love your new do Dawn! <3

  3. WHOOT! Ang ganda ng color. And I love how they set your curls/waves! :)

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    1. I'm sorry, but I don't think I was able to ask what color it was. :(