Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Review : Essence All About Curl Mascara

Hello dears!

Essence cosmetics are getting quite popular now since it arrived in the Philippines early this year. I've tried a few of their stuff and I guess I have a love and ummm... not-so-love relationship with their products.

I'll be reviewing one of them which I won in their Facebook Contest a couple of months back...
Essence All About Curl Mascara
Not sure what the price of this is since I just won this from a contest. My guess is it's around Php 200-300? It's just a guess! I tried googling it but it doesn't show up. Maybe it's really new or it's phased out. Dunno really. :P

Anyway, below are labels on the tube:

In case it's hard to read, it says it instantly curls your lashes and adds volume. It's opthalmologically tested. It's also smudge- and water- resistant and can be easily removed with water... errr I thought it is resistant to water...? 

The 8 ml product has a shelf life of 6 months.

Below is the picture of the wand:
It's quite big actually. But that's not much of a problem me. I'm used to working with big mascara wands. It's slightly curved to easily get all the lashes. I like the bristles since it avoids the lashes to clump.

Not a fan of the scent though. It has a strong chemical scent to it. :/

So below are photos of the mascara in action:

Bare eyes

Curled lashes

1 coat applied

As you can see, it didn't do much clumping. But did it really curl my lashes much? No. It actually pulled it down. Tsk tsk tsk. It didn't do much on the volumizing part also. So I guess the mascara failed in its first two claims.

When I do 2 coats or more, it doesn't do much. Just makes it heavier and the lash strands thicker making my lashes look fake. :(

Good thing is it does not smudge even with my oily skin. No panda eyes for me! And it is easy to remove with a good eye makeup remover. You don't have to spend a lot of time and effort to remove this mascara. Is it water-resistant? Probably since I don't see smudges even when I get all sweaty from all the walking I do under the sun.

All in all, I'm not a fan. I'm actually a bit disappointed since when I visited an Essence stall in SM San Lazaro, the SA said that their mascaras are one of the best sellers so I expected a lot from it. Oh well. I guess I wouldn't recommend this particular mascara for I know some that are probably of the same price range that works even better like Maybelline's.

So, any thoughts on this mascara?
Have you tried their other mascaras? I know they have, like, a dozen kinds!



  1. Too bad it didn't worked for you. Is this the same sa napanalunan ko din? Hmm, I'll let you know my experience with the mascara once I get hold of it na. Thanks for sharing, I think will not expect that much!

  2. This has that effect where you look like you only have a few pieces of lashes. nonono!

  3. Kath - I think same lang. Please do let me know. :)

    Tellie - No, no, no, indeed! :P