Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MAC Fabulousness 5 Smoky Eyes

Hey loves!

I can't wait to share with you my new hair color that I got last Sunday.
But that will have to wait since it's gonna be a long post and I'm a bit tired to work on it right now. So I'll just share with you this very fabulous eyeshadow palette that a friend of ours gave me.

MAC Fabulousness 5 Smoky Eyes

It was a gift straight from Japan. I'm not so sure how much it is now nor if it is still available in stores.

It contains 5 shades:
Taupeless, Satin Taupe (my fave), Love Spice, Spellcaster and Black Slip

The packaging is just—FAB!
So princess-y and girly! It's soooo me!!! I squealed with joy when I took it off the box the first time! Haha!

It has a mirror and an applicator.
The brush applicator is just okay. I don't use it much since I prefer using my eyeshadow brushes with longer stems.

Here's a closeup of the palette

Swatches on the back of my hand

It's quite pigmented! And those swatches didn't even have primer underneath!
It still creases on my oily lids after 5 hours or so but with primer, it lasts the whole day.

I'm super thankful that I received this wonderful gift (Thanks again!). It's one of my favorite palettes right now. I just love mixing pinks and purples! :D



  1. The packaging is indeed fabulous!

  2. Those colors are absolutely beautiful! :O

  3. I really love this packaging!
    This is from Mac's Holiday Kits Collection last year and I still couldn't get my hands on it. LOL
    so jeally! hehehe

  4. the packaging is so cute and pretty ^_~

  5. Eula - The name fits the product so much!

    Amicia Rai - they are! I have fun mixing them together.

    Hollie - Ohhh! Thanks for the info! <3

    Janet - It is. I loooove it! :D