Sunday, October 06, 2013

Kanebo KATE Lipsticks in BE-1 and BE-4

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday to ya!

Nude lipsticks have been a must in my lipstick collection because I just LOOOOVE doing smokey eyes or just really colorful eyeshadows. And one thing I learned with mixing colors is that you don't want a very bold eye makeup be mixed with a very bright lipstick... it would lead to disaster... unless that's the look you were going for. :P

Here are two of my favorite nude lipsticks that I bought months ago...
Kanebo KATE Lipsticks
I bought them for Php 200 and 150 during the holiday office sale of Kanebo Philippines.

The shades are BE-1, a peachy nude shade, and BE-4, a warm nude shade.

The lipsticks are housed in these very simple tubes:
Nothing really special... but who am I to complain? I bought it so cheap! Haha! But kidding aside, a lot of Japanese cosmetics have very simple packaging. :)

Here are closeup shots of the lipsticks:


Swatches below:

on paper

on my hand

This is BE-1 on my lips


I can use BE-1 anytime but BE-4 is usually used for creative makeup since it's too much like my skin tone... I can easily mistake it as a concealer! Haha!

Both lippies are very creamy and can build up on the lines of the lips so I suggest that when you use this, you should have well-moisturized lips and exfoliate them when necessary.

I'm so happy I was able to get this at very affordable prices.
To think these two were the last things I looked at when I was browsing during the sale... I almost didn't notice them since they were the last two lipsticks from the KATE rack! I like to think of it as FATE! Haha! :P



  1. Ohhhh those look really lovely! :D

    I wish I could wear nude lips, but I am so pale that it makes me look like I'm sick. :(

  2. Pretty colors!

  3. Do Kate lipsticks really look like that? I feel like they're supposed to be testers. But heeeey they look really nice. Ito ba yung ginamit natin? :)

  4. Amicia - Maybe with very fierce eyes, you can! :D

    Steph - they are. Thanks!

    Tellie - I'm not too sure. The Kanebo Lipstick my sis, Trace, had has almost the same look but a different bottom design. But I wouldn't be surprised if these are testers. I don't mind din naman since they are unused when I bought them. And yes, ito ang ginamit ko sa Sandara look mo! :P