Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadows in Fig Leaf, Blackcurrant Affair, and Steel My Heart

Hey gorgeous!

I'm always happy when I receive eyeshadows since they are my favorite makeup. Some of you may already know that The Body Shop has sent me a couple of palettes before but I think these single eyeshadows, which just came out this year, are my favorite among the ones I've tried from the brand. 
These are The Body Shop's Colour Crush Eyeshadows!

I currently have 3 of the 30 colors available. 2 of which I received from The Body Shop as gifts while one of them I received as a prize from their Facebook Contest I won some months ago. Anyway, the eyeshadows are...
Blackcurrant Affair, Fig Leaf, and

Steel My Heart

Each eyeshadow is Php 595.00.

Here's a product description from the press release I received a couple of months back:

An intensely pigmented, pearlescent or matte eyeshadow (dependent on color) with a silky-soft texture.

It’s easy to blend and great for building layers of color.

·    Intense color
·    Pearlescent or matte finish dependent on color
·    Silky-soft texture
·    Use wet or dry

All three shades I got are of pearlescent finish. I do agree with the descriptions. All these are very pigmented, which is why these are my favorite eyeshadows I've tried from The Body Shop. Just check out the swatches below:

They look great, don't they?

They aren't chalky and they feel silky when applied which makes the pigments glide easily to the skin. And they are very long lasting too! With a nice eye primer, they can last the whole day on my oily lids! 

I am eyeing other shades from the line—Berry Cheeky and Grape Expectations to be exact. I'm saving up since these can be a bit pricey. Good thing The Body Shop often offers discounts! :P

What are your thoughts on the eyeshadows? Have you tried them? Which shades do you like?



  1. Wow! These are really pigmented. I only have the baked blush and it was just okay for me. The Colour Crush collection seems like it's miles away from the older ones..

  2. Jenniya - It is very lovely!

    Tellie - This really is miles better than the other shadows I've trued from them. :D