Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review : Essence Cosmetics Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream

Hi everyone!

Been watching the news and a lot of depressing things have been happening. *sigh*

Anyway, just to get my mind off of these things, I'll just write you a short review on...

Essence Cosmetics Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream

Not sure how much this is since I only won this from a Facebook Giveaway from Essence Philippines. :) But I think this is very affordable like most of Essence's products.

The shade I got is in natural but it's available in 2 other shades. There's a lighter and a darker one. It has SPF30 and PA+++.

The tube carries 30ml of the product and has a shelf life of a year.

At the back you can see a short description and the ingredients list. It promises that it is dermatologically tested, fragrance free, oil free, moisturizing and doesn't clog pores.

Here's the product on the back of my hand:
Just by looking at the picture, I can somewhat agree that it is formulated for asian skin because of the yellowish tone to it.

But I think my skin is a bit warmer.
The consistency is a quite thin compared to other BB creams I've used. It's not runny, I actually like it because it's so easy to spread and it feels so light on skin.

The finish is semi-matte. It gives a soft glow on the skin once it sets.

A before and after shots

It's great that the shade is near my natural color. Coverage is light. It's not too visible in the pictures because surprisingly, my face is getting a lot better now. Yayy!

It doesn't have oil control. Even if I top it off with powder, my face gets shiny within two to three hours. So I guess it is better for those with dry to normal skin.

Personally, I wouldn't use this alone because of its sheerness. I'd use this as a makeup base and top it off with a good foundation. I don't experience caking when I do that so it's all good! ;)

What do you think of this BB Cream from Essence? Have you tried it before?



  1. I would like to try but I' not sure if I can find it in Thailand. I have to check it out soon.

  2. Seems good. I like that it's watery/thin in consistency :) Even if I have a lot to cover I'd prefer something as light as this.Thanks for the heads-up! I do hope they have this already.


  3. ooohhh!!! this is a nice find!! hope I can get this when I go to Manila.

  4. I'm impressed by the shade, nice yellow skin tone type of shade which is what's lacking with most korean bb creams!

  5. I like the illumination! Honestly, with the shine and sheer coverage, I think this is more of cc cream!

  6. Minnie - I do hope you get to find one and try it out soon. :)

    I also like the consistency on this. I feel like my skin could breathe!

    maia- Hope you'll like it!

    Sharlynn - Super agree with that!

    Tellie - I guess it is comparable to a CC Cream!