Monday, September 23, 2013

My Surprise Birthday Gift from HBC

Hello loves!

Yesterday I went to HBC, Trinoma to pick up a package containing things that I can't tell you just yet. And upon opening the big, heavy paper bag, I found a surprise!!

And when I left the store, I took home all these!

The surprise was this:

A 1k gift certificate to HBC's beauty section! Cool, huh?? I didn't expect this and I was already thinking of buying stuff from the store. I was so happy to see this inside the package since I get to go crazy shopping for new kikay stuff for my birthday!

I bought all these! I actually bought more stuff than I should. These cost more than 1k. Haha! Everything here are items from HBC that I have never used before so I'm very excited to try them. :D

Super thanks, Lorie and the rest of the HBC team! You've been very sweet since the first time we've collaborated. I super appreciate all the support you've given me and our blog. Thanks for the gift and for remembering my birthday (my birthdate is on the 25th)! :D

And for this mysterious package, I'll blog about what this is all about on Sunday! ;)



  1. Wow! Ang Dami naman! Happy Birthday!Kaka Birthday ko lang nung nanalo ako ng 3rd birthday giveaway nyo haha!

  2. A great way to celebrate a birthday indeed. Happy Birthday! I hope you could visit my blog too. I've got giveaways you might wanna join. :)

    Pauchee C.

  3. Advance Happy Birthday sis! :) Sweet naman ng HBC.. :)

    Uy let us know your thoughts on the shampoo and conditioner ha.

  4. Eddielli - Nice! Happy birthday to you! It's like a birthday gift din pla! :D

    Pauchee - Will do!

    Belle - I will! thank you! :D