Sunday, September 01, 2013

Makeup Experiment # 12 : Sandara Park

Hi everyone!!

Here's a makeup experiment once again!!!

My model is Tellie of Beauty by Tellie. This is actually my first time having a fellow blogger as a model in one of my crazy makeup experiments. :)

It all started when we finally met in person during Pinkbox's event some weeks ago. I noticed, along with other blogger friends, that Tellie looks like Dara of 2NE1. She said a lot of people say that but she doesn't think she does and thus I proposed to do a Dara-inspired makeover! We were super excited to do this and after some exchanged of emails, we agreed to do it a week after she got back from her vacation out of the country.

We met last Saturday and ate some Octopus Takoyaki and Milk Tea. It was a fun afternoon stalking videos of Bigbang's T.O.P (Haha! I made Tellie watch K-Pop vids because of T.O.P's hotness) and chatting endlessly before, during, and after the photoshoot.

Here's one of the outputs of the makeover:
 Doesn't she look like Dara??

Below's one of Dara's pictures that we used as our makeup peg.

The keys to achieve this look are lots of black eyeliner, false lashes...

 ...and toned down glossy lips!

So here are the before and after shots:

The hair is probably the most challenging part of this makeover. We used the iconic hairstyle Dara sported during their 2NE1 debut days.

 And these are the makeup we used:

Just comment in this post if you would like to know the specific brand or shade. :P

 And so...
here's Tellie as Sandara Park!

Of course we had to do the quirky poses that Sandara often does.


Don't you think the resemblance of Tellie to Dara is crazy? We kept laughing at how much she looks like her at almost every shot!

We also tried doing a glamour shot! 

I feel proud with how the eyeliner turned out. It took me a while to make sure that the eyeliners were even. Tellie has uneven, hooded eyes. I wish I was able to take step by step shots on how I did this. I had an inquiry about this from one of the readers. Hopefully next time I can make that post. :D 

Makeup by : Me
Hairstyle : Me
Model : Tellie
Photos by : Me
Place taken : My room

 This is probably one of the funnest makeover I've done!
 I hope we can do this again someday, Tellie! :D

And thanks a lot for the pasalubong too! You're so sweet and thoughtful! These are soooo cute! :D

What do you think of the makeover?
Do you also agree that she looks so much like Sandara Park?

And by the way, I'm accepting volunteers for future makeovers! My house is open for willing victims! Haha! I'm just a Facebook message or email away!



  1. Ohhh! She does look like Dara, and even prettier! :D you did a great job Dawn! Pretty Tellie with or without makeup ;)

  2. I do see the resemblance! Great job, dawn and also tellie for being game to do this!! :)

  3. I super loved this makeover. Congrats sa pag-overcome mo sa aking epal na mata, hahaha! My favorite is still the base, though. Very fine, just like how the Koreans do it :)

  4. I love the eyes AS IN!! ♥ I really want to be able to do that eyeliner technique perfectly like you did, Dawn. I'll be one of those (im)patiently waiting for the tutorial (hihi) :)

    You look beautiful, Tellie! And I agree you super look like her - only prettier!!

  5. Wow, Tellie really does look like Dara! Awesome job, Dawn! :)


  6. I volunteer as tribute! Haha!

    Love how you did this Dawn, so amazing! Tellie really resembles Dara here, and I super love the hair! How did you make it stand up?

  7. SO PRETTY!!! ♥ I love this makeover you did for Tellie! She does look like Dara! :D

  8. Wonderful makeover! Bagay talaga. How did you make her skin look so FLAWLESS

  9. This experiment is so fun and I definitely see the resemblance! :)

  10. Very nice makeover you did there sissy! She's super cute like Sandara. ;)

  11. Nicely done! You are very talented, Dawn. :-)

  12. I can see the resemblance in most shots! :) CUTIE!!! haha

  13. The resemblance is crazy. I almost did not notice that it was Tellie. I thought the first photo was Dara. Galing :)

  14. Thanks so much, girls! Glad you appreciate these experiments. :D

    I'll try my best to do my tutorials on how I did the base and the eyeliners on this look. :D

  15. She really looks like Dara. Waiting for this tutorial. Pleaseee? A huge fan of BigBang and 2ne1. Hahaha! Hoping I'm the next one to have a makeover. Hahaha! :)))

    1. I'm a fan of both those idol groups too! Will try to do a tutorial. :) Just send me an email if you volunteer to be my next experiment! Haha!

  16. Actually, last month I joined her blog giveaway and when I saw her profile, naalala ko talaga sa kanya si Sandara Park hehe! In fact kalako sya yun hehe!

    1. Haha! She looks so much like Dara, especially after the makeover no??