Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Styli-Style Flat Liquid Liner 24

Hey looooves!

It's my birthday!!!
And since it's quite a busy day for me, I'll just post a quick swatch post on...

Styli-Style Flat Liquid Liner 24
Bought it for Php 150.00 at Beauty Bar.

I got it in black. It is 1.6g and has a shelf life of 2 years.

I bought it because of the unique shape! I thought it would be great in doing the thick liners I usually do especially the filling-up part.
It looks like a felt pen! It actually feels like you're using a felt pen when you apply this.

Here are swatches!
The first two is when you swatch it with the tip only and the one at the bottom is when you apply it all flat.

It's not very bold but it is buildable. It can become very opaque after a few coats. It dries pretty quickly too so no need to close your eyes for a whole minute just to make sure that the line won't transfer to the upper part of the eyelids.

It would have been a great liner for me but it just smudges when my eyelids become oily after a few hours. Oh well. It still comes in handy when I do my makeup experiments. :P

That's all, guys! :D



  1. What's the benefit with a flat tip? Wouldn't that make application less precise and tougher to control?

  2. ay parang not so ok pala siya :( winner parin dolly wink, kpalette/ tm skinny liners <3

  3. Happy, happy birthday Dawn! I hope you have a great one!

    Thank you for sharing this. Nice to know that this is inexpensive.

  4. I like how it's affordable.. :)
    xx Krisella

  5. Tellie - I just bought it so that I can fill in the big, thick eyeliners faster. :P

    Angel - True yan! I've tried Clio too and I like it so far!

    Feisty Femme - hanks for the greeting! It is inexpensive. :)

    Krisella - It is! :D