Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Body Shop Born Lippy Toffee Lip Balm

Hello ladies,

Everyone loves a good lip balm right? Especially when they taste a lot like candy. Here's one from The Body Shop's Born Lippy Collection.

Though I'm not a big fan of Toffee, I do love lip balms from TBS since they come in almost all flavors and they perform well enough.


I do like the color of the balm, a neutral brown which was not that glossy. The finish is silky and smooth without looking too wet. I think it's great for when you're in a rush in your lipstick routine.

And here's the finish. It's a barely there finish if I must say. This lip balm is a great gift idea for your friends who you're trying to break into kikay-ness.

So that's it for my short "share" post. It's been a long while since I last did an entry... hopefully I'd be able to to do more in the following days.