Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Review: Essence Eyeliner Pen: Extra Longlasting in Black

Hello girls!

I've been exclusively using gel liners for about 4 or 3 straight years ever since I learned the proper way to apply it. There's the occasional black pencil liners but I definitely said goodbye to liquid liners since that day.

However, a recent 2NE1 video, "Falling in Love" got me into reconsidering liquid eyeliners. I tried doing Bom's look in the video but could not get the same effect with gel liners... 

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it's either my brush's tip is not thin enough or I just can't make the gel liner stick so I end up over-applying eventually ending up with a THICK line.

This way, I found out why I still need liquid liners. They're perfect for cleaner, bolder, and harsher lines which are a little hard to do with gels... If you aren't a pro that is...

So some weeks ago I bought Essence Eyeliner Pen: Extra Longlasting in Black.

My main problem, though, with liquid liners is I do not like how they're packaged. The pot with brush style just doesn't work for me... either the applicator is too long and brush-y or too rough (rubber applicator). Plus the handle... I just find them all hard to control.

Good thing though, the pen types were created, and so... after my very long introduction, I give to you my review.

I like the idea that it's a pen, it's easier to put in your hand and manipulate through those small crevices and folds when you line your eye. The brush is much like your felt tip pens and well, since everybody is used to holding a pen, maneuvering it is made easier.

So here's what the product promises and when I tried it,

I wasn't very impressed about their "colour intensive" promise. At first I thought I might have picked up a "dud" (hope I spelled it right) product so I asked Dawn. She advised me to give the product a shake then try again, I did that and it improved... slightly. The swatch above, I think, was the one I did after I shook it. As you can see, it's not that bold at all.

It's even more evident when I did the swatch on tissue paper.

Even the extra longlasting and smudge proof promise was a let down. Here it is after vigorous rubbing. Not that I rub my eyes vigorously, but I know some girls who do, and for me... smudge proof means it can stand getting rubbed off which I've seen in a couple of liquid eyeliners I used to have in the past. As with the extra longlasting, if I don't accidentally touch my eyes, I think it can stay for at least 3 - 5 hours, which isn't all that long.

Again, I do love the control and maneuverability of the pen, since I can make these kinds of "eye-lining" jobs within half the time it takes me with gel liners. Plus it dries quick.

However, the intensity of the line is disappointingly not as bold as I would expect from a liquid liner which made me ask myself why I bought it in the first place.

It's a really cheap buy. But the for almost the same price, I could have bought a potted liquid eyeliner and have gotten better results.

So in summary:

What I like:
Control and maneuverability
Dries quick

What I don't like:
Line is not bold/intense
Not long lasting
Can be rubbed off

Will I buy again?
Probably not.

So that's my experience with this product. I still use it though, and you guys can comment on what I can do to improve it's performance since I firmly believe it can still go darker, because the SA who demo-ed it made a really bold/intense line. Anyway, if you know any other affordable pen eyeliners please do comment and let me know. :)



  1. Too faint! I use Kate and it has such a thick payoff. I'm close to finishing it now and it even looks a bit darker than that Essence pen :|

  2. Awwwwww :(. FS liner is way better, but I find that the FS one still smudges on me. Can you recommend any pen type liners that last long?


  3. I recently purchased an Essence Superfine Eyeliner liquid pen... Unfortunately, it smears quick and smudges on my lid so, I am left with a second crease. It is also difficult to rub off if it happens. Oh! Take note! I tried it with and without any eye primer on. I might as well look for another eyeliner pen to try. Which made me think... I should have purchased the other eyeliner pen that was being offered to me before I headed to the Essence counter! TT__TT

    Oh well! Trial and error, it must be! :D

  4. Hi Liz,
    I definitely agree with you, you have to reapply it once in a while because it fades easily.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  5. Hello! I had the same problem as you with the colour payoff. You could try turning it upside down for a while before applying. The black is so much more intense after doing so! Hope it helps!