Monday, September 02, 2013

Keep Up With The Latest Korean Trends With Moota

Hello everyone!

 Love Korean Fashion? Well do I have a treat for you! There's an online store that carries the latest trends in beauty and fashion in Seoul from Korean Designers. 
Get to know MOOTTA!

What is MOOTTA? The literal translation of MOOTTA (묻다) in Korean is to ask. MOOTTA is a company based in Seoul, Korea that is bringing Korea to the rest of the world. What, do you ask about?
The who  Korean designers that we believe are unique in their own ways
The what  all things amazing in Korea in fashion and beauty
The where  the number one city in Korea, Seoul
The when  current fashion trends and hot items on the market that are not limited in any way, whatsoever
The why the versatility behind Korean fashion and taboo items that you would probably never consider to be amazing for the skin
The how  Korea is well recognized for the fashion and beauty industries which is what MOOTTA wants to bring to you worldwide

Can you elaborate? 
The versatility behind the Korean fashion for both men and women is one thing that has the whole world questioning Seoul fashion. K-pop is one growing trend worldwide and Korean celebrities are pushing the most flexible trends. Korean celebrities are constantly changing their hairstyles, throwing on different pieces to change their look daily.

Seoul is known as the beauty capital of the world for a handful of aesthetic purposes. For this reason, MOOTTA could not leave behind the one important quality in beauty which is beauty products. In addition to the best products in Korea, MOOTTA is bringing you items that cannot be found anywhere else. Korea is known for “agijagi” items which mean “cute things.” This literal translation can be brought into beauty products by having the most eye-catching packaging that will brighten up your day.

Does it work? 
Yes. This fashion is carried throughout Seoul with women of all ages that are changing their looks daily, regardless of age. A professional look one day, a cute dolly look another day, a fashionable sporty look the next, followed by a fashionable punk rocker after; the choices just don’t end there. Korean fashion is a statement and every girl makes their own with what they wear.

The most recognized beauty shows in Korea is “Get it Beauty” which uses the concept of blind testing beauty products from the most expensive brands to the more affordable brands in Korea. Women are blind folded and asked to test products on their skin to find the best of the best. Without knowing the brand and actually grasping a feel on the product, it is one of the best discoveries ever. Using the most important information from the Get it Beauty list, MOOTTA is able to bring you the best of the best!

MOOTTA helps to achieve every look possible by mixing and matching different pieces that many are unaware of. The cuts and designs of our every designer (some of whom were Project Runway Korea’s finalists) bring a new touch of Seoul to the rest of the world and we would like to invite you to take a look into the next growing trend in Korea. Our goal is to bring South Korean fashion to the rest of the world, a new taste to your everyday wardrobe. Although MOOTTA concentrates on women fashion, the Korean trends that MOOTTA brings to you is far from what the cliché styles are. The trends and goods that MOOTTA carries are those spotted by the all time favorite K-pop celebrities internationally.

Skip out on traveling to Seoul (like most beauty fanatics) for the products by having the number one internationally recognized products shipped directly to your door. Be on the lookout for the constantly changing beauty trends which range from taboo ingredients like snail, snake, ginseng and more. You’ll be amazed at what these products can do for your skin!

Interesting, don't you think?
Of course I went directly to the beauty section when I visited the website. They have familiar brands there like Etude House, Tony Moly and Holika Holika to name a few. 

Do check out MOOTTA and learn about the latest trends in Korea and shop for awesome deals!



  1. This is actually my first time to hear about MOOTTA. It makes me curious. Checking them out... ;)

  2. Just clicked on the beauty section!! :)


  3. Thanks girls! I'll be having a giveaway with MOOTTA soon. :D