Friday, September 13, 2013

Face of Australia: 3 in 1 Face Base Primer

Hello lovely ladies,

So today I give you a review of a face base primer which Tracy left us. The brand's name is Face of Australia and unfortunately, they haven't opened in our country yet. But if you're curious about the brand, you can visit their website and view their products.

So, on to the product.
I like the packaging cause it looks a lot like something you'd see in a professional make-up artist's bag.

The information written at the back,

The ingredients list.

And pea-sized amount on skin...

blended out...
I have to say I did not do right by this product by taking this spread out picture without taking a photo of it when it dries/sets.

As a primer, it works just as well as all the other ones I already have. It's not really that long lasting as I tend to oil up after half a day. One really good point for this product, it feels light on the skin.

As a moisturizer, I really like it a lot. Not only is it light-weight, it does a decent job of hydrating my face. Plus it triples as a sunblock because of the SPF, and as you know... I'm a sucker for SPF-infused products. The only downside to it being a moisturizer, in my case, is that I mostly use BB creams and rarely do I use foundation so as the day goes on... the oiliness meter on my face is set a little higher than when I use BB cream alone. But when used with a foundation that does little moisturizing, it's a perfect match.

So, that's all I have to say about the product. Hope the brand opens up here soon so we can try other interesting make-ups.


Update from Dawn : This was actually given by my sister, Tracy (she's in AU right now). She gave it to me because she felt like this is what caused her breakouts and didn't want to take the risk by continuing to use it. I happily accepted this and tried it for myself. I agree with everything that Liz wrote in this review but unfortunately, I think this also caused me a few breakouts. When I used it for the first few times, I got some small zits and thought that maybe my sister, Tracy, was right so I stopped using it. Then, the appearance of the tiny zits stopped. I gave the product a second chance after a few weeks but I still got some breakouts which led me to the conclusion that this is the cause of those zits. I guess this is not so compatible with very oily skin like what my sister and I have. My guess is that the moisturizing benefits this product gives made our skin oil up faster. And when your face is really oily, dirt tends to stick to your skin which causes the damn breakouts! 
Quite disappointed with this one but I am glad that it works great with Liz and her combination skin. :)


  1. aaack! too bad it gave your both breakouts! it did look promising.

  2. It's not super connected with your post but would you happen to know why my dry skin greases up so heavily when I use a silicone-based face primer?