Monday, September 30, 2013

NOTD : Birthday Flowers on Red

Hey dearies!

Last Saturday was my birthday celebration at My Pretty Nails Salon. You can check out what happened during my special celebration here.

And in my party, my guests and I had manicures and pedicures with premium polishes or nail art! Of course I got the me some nail art!!! Rawr!

Here's the design I picked:
Pretty, huh??????
I soooooo love it! It reminds me of Japanese art for some reason. What do you think?

Below are the nail polishes used for this design:

The design was manually done! Super thanks to Marge who did my nails. :D

For the base, we used this very beautiful base color—China Glaze in High Maintenance! 

and then painted the design on top. It's actually easy to do. Just a fine brush and a dotter and you can do it! :D

And tadaaaaa... 
Super nice, don't you think so too?!

I super love it and my friends in the party liked it too!

I think it suits my personality a lot and the color is just the exact shade as my favorite lipstick—MAC Ruby Woo!

What do you think of the design?
Would you do something like this, if you will, do share them with me! :D



  1. love the details! thank you dawn for inviting me, love mine as well, and for my newly adopted babies :D will take care of them!

  2. Thanks for coming too, Carizza! Thanks for taking care of Elizabeth and Victoria! :D

  3. I love it sis! <3 I'll try to do this on my own soon ^_^ I'm thinking of a pink polish as a base. I miss visiting My Pretty Nails Salon. If only it's near my place.