Thursday, September 05, 2013

Review : Etude House Correct and Care CC Cream in #01 Silky

Hey loves!

CC Cream has been quite popular in the beauty industry recently. It's supposed to be makeup and skincare in one but a bit lighter than BB Cream. I guess I'm not surprised why these products are so popular... you get a lot of benefits inside those cute, little tubes. Although these products have skincare benefits, I believe that these alphabet creams are still considered makeup and should be removed when the day has ended. Not sure about the DD Creams though, I heard they are for the whole body. :P

Anyway... I have tried more than a dozen BB Creams now and I have been curious to try the newer CC Creams... and how fortunate I was when I received one from Etude House during their Playhouse Princess Academy that happened more than a month ago.

Etude House Correct and Care CC Cream
This is Php 798.00.

I got #1 Silky. It has a semi-matte finish.
Etude House also has a different kind of CC Cream—Glow (#2). This, on the other hand, gives a more dewy finish.

It has SPF 30 and PA++.

Here's the box of the product:

 Additional info from the website:

8-in-1 Multi Function daily application cream formulated with Rock Rose extract supplies polyphenols for powerful antioxidant & anti- inflammatory care and with Natural Tone Correting Effect for a natural corrective care coverage and skin protection. TIP : Neatly adhering to give silky soft finish.

8 benefits in 1? Interesting, don't you agree? 
More info from their press release below!

Abundant Skin Care Effect
  Rock Rose (Cistaceae) extract supplies    
  polyphenols for powerful antioxidant & anti-
  inflammatory care.
Natural Tone Correcting Effect
  It looks as if it is white but color changes to
  pink beige when it is applied

Use at last stage of skin care. Pump for 1~2 times then apply
     evenly on Cheek ☞ Forehead ☞ Nose ☞ Chin
It is advised to use your fingers then firmly press for
     magic layering capsules to be spread out evenly.
Natural Look : Use only CC Cream
Perfect Covering : Use CC Cream → Makeup Base → BB Cream or Concealer  

And look! They provided an explanation on the difference between BB and CC!

BB Cream (Blemish Balm) was introduced in the market to cover healing skin 
during treatment, but now is evolved to be used wildly to 
cover blemish as part of makeup
CC Cream defined differently by each cosmetic brands, but it is developed 
to strengthen Skin Care function of BB Cream while lowering covering power to 
express Transparent (Natural) Skin Tone which BB Cream cannot give.      
To sum it all up!
BB Cream is used by people who want more coverage and handy use.
CC Cream has lesser coverage but can give natural color tone of skin to give  more healthier look with other skin care effect.

Anyway, let's go to the review!

 It has a pump!! Yay! Not only does a pump make it easier to get the product out, it is much more hygienic! And since it is in tube form, you can easily squeeze it out if you want. :P 

I like the design as well. It's clean and still has the 'pretty' side that Etude House is all about. Princess-y! :)

So here's the product on my arm:

 I was surprised that it was white. Quite scared to try it on my face. I was worried it would make me look... well, white.

So I blended it a little...
 It's still white...

So when it got completely blended...
It brightened my skin! I barely see any coverage but it gives a semi-matte finish. It's creamy and feels light on skin. It smells great too!

Here's the product on action on my cheek:
 Bare cheek
(Yes, I have bad skin if you do not know yet. Haha!)

With the product

It does helped with my skin's redness and some dark spots. It did leave my skin too light though. I love that it gives a sort of dewy finish that brightens my face.

I usually use this under a BB Cream or a Foundation. What I noticed that it tends to cake when I use it under some products. My makeup cakes even if I use my favorite foundations even when I try to put the least amount as I can... though it didn't cake much when I use the EH Precious Mineral Any Cushion (which I shall make a review soon). I know that the product might sound bad now BUT I found a way to make it work well with my overly oily face. I mix them! Yes, I mix them with my foundation or BB Cream (I interchange the products according to my mood that day). Not only does it make the makeup process faster, I don't get the caking makeup anymore! My makeup lasts the whole day! I still need to blot my skin from the oiliness every now and then though. Been using this for weeks now and I didn't encounter breakouts of skin irritations and it works good after the mixing the products discovery.

What I LIKE:
- Feels light on skin
- Love the smell
- Has SPF30 and PA++
- Packaging
- Love the tube form with a pump
- Semi-matte finish
- Easy to blend

What I am NEUTRAL about:
- The price 
- Can cause caking depending on the product you put on top but I found a way to control this... I mix it with the foundie/BB.
- Sheerness isn't something I like but this is more of a makeup base with skincare.

- Too white? Can't wear it alone.
- No oil control

Would I buy again?
I'm not sure yet. I'd like to try other CC Creams first. :)

I'm glad that I got a great first CC Cream. I love how my skin looks like with this on and I surely recommend it!

What do you think of Etude House Correct and Care CC Cream?
Which CC Cream do you like? What was your first one?



  1. So happy it has the same effect with you! ^_^ This is my first ever CC cream and I love it to bits! <3

  2. Genzel - My first too! I'm happy that it works nicely with my products now. I'm curious to try more CC creams! :D