Saturday, September 14, 2013

Styli-Style Liquid Liner in Green

Hey girls!

My sister, Tracy, bought an eyeliner for me when she was here last July. 

Styli-Style Liquid Liner in Green

This was on sale and I believe it was only for Php 150.00 (or less) that time.

Below are pics of the labels on the pen.

I think pen type liners are the easiest to use since I think most of us are used to writing with pens. :P It's easy to control and it dries faster than gel or other liquid type liners. 

The pen's tip is just like other eyeliner pens I've tried before. I don't think this is anything special to be honest. But what I think makes this kind of interesting for me is that it has really good lasting power.

A swatch on my arm

when rubbed many times

It really stays even after you wash it with water... even with soap! You need a really good makeup remover to make it completely disappear. 

Not so sure if this is available in other colors. I wish they do since I doubt that I will use a green liner often. :P

That's all! Happy weekend, guys!



  1. Wow! I love eyeliner pen. This color would be perfect. I have one from the same shade from Burjoius.


  2. Love the color! I need something like this in a royal blue!

  3. nice review! this looks like a pretty good product!

  4. This is so vibrant! I love it! You always have the best buys :P Minsan nga lagyan kita ng GPS pag magshoshopping ka :P

  5. Thanks girls!

    Sharlynn, I don't think they have a royal blue one though... or maybe it wasn't on sale that's why I missed it. I know they have one in purple. :P

    Tellie - I'll tell you na lang when I find a store with awesome discounts! :D