Thursday, February 28, 2013

BYS Graffiti Nail Enamel

Hey everyone!

Apologies for being M.I.A. in the past few days... I didn't have the chance to borrow my bro's laptop since he was very busy and needed it most of the time.

But now that I got a few minutes of 'blog time' with the laptop, let me share with you a quick blog post about one of the treats I got from a recent event!

BYS Graffiti Nail Enamel

I was so excited to try it out when I saw this included in the press kit. 
So I tried it as soon as I got home.

First, I applied the nail enamel...

The shade I got is Tag It Gold.

I love the color! I achieved this finish in just one coat. I could wear it as is even without the graffiti part. But of course, I like my nails with more art in it so on to the next step!

Using the Graffiti Activator, draw your desired design on to nails. Make sure your base, the nail enamel, is completely dry before you do this.

I didn't have a design in mind so I made it abstract! A.K.A. just do random lines in any directions. Haha!

The graffiti activator turned the drawn lines in a darker shade which you can see in the pictures. It's pretty neat, don't you think?

I tried topping it off with a clear polish from Caronia but it ruined the look because the whole nail became a shade darker. So I guess this nail art is supposed to be worn without a polish? Not sure. If you know a clear polish that doesn't damage the design, please do share! I think a top clear coat is needed because the gold polish tends to fade fast. Within a few days, it gets chipped off too. 

This is quite fun to do and it's like an instant nail art. 
I'm going to try out more nail polishes from BYS. I heard they have other kinds of fun polishes that we could try. :D



  1. Is the graffiti effect obvious in person? It doesn't look too pronounced in the pictures..

  2. Cool polish! I wanna try that out :D

  3. Tellie - It's as good as it is in the picture. It's just a few shades darker than the nail enamel. :)