Sunday, July 08, 2012

PUR On the Go Trio Pressed Mineral Eye Shadows

Hello ladies,

It's been a hectic week for me so I haven't really been able to use my new make ups. Like this one, PUR On the Go Trio Pressed Mineral Eye Shadows, which another tita of mine gave to me. I know, I seem to have a lot of tita giving me make up stuff so I'll name this particular aunt, Tita Beck.

This is already old, it's more of a hand me down than a new product so I apologize for the lack luster cover and the browned out ingredients sticker.

I was hesistant to take this cause I already have something similar in shade with this one in my UD Naked Palette but then again, free make up!

I wasn't particularly impressed with it at first because I thought it was some unknown drugstore brand that my aunt just happened to buy for the sake of experimenting plus, it's mineral make up... and I haven't had a good experience with mineral eye shadows. 

HOWEVER, I was amazed that it was actually very pigmented! See the colors? With just one dip, this is the look of the swatch.

Also, I did not think much about the make up. I actually thought of giving it away or selling it, until I came across it at a make up store in Robinsons Ermita where they were selling PUR Minerals make up. Imagine my shock when I found out how much they actually cost.

Anyway, after all the swatches done, I'd already decided on keeping the palette even before I saw the price. The price just made me treasure the palette more and make Tita Beck one of my most favorite Kikay Titas. :)

This particular palette however, is not available in the store I went to.

What do you think about the PUR eyeshadow? Ever tried one?



  1. Woooow, the pigmentation is amazing!!! Good that you keep it! (:


  2. I've heard so much about PUR mineral make up...especially their bases! I love all three shades, how they're different and so wearable!

  3. i loooveee the wearable!! they have pur minerals in rob manila?malamang tingala price nanaman