Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review : Benefit The Porefessional

Good evening darlings!

Time for some review. SO before I went off to Canada, Dawn and I have been in a make up primer search. She has tons and I have... well... one... so I decided to include a good make up primer in my list of must buys when I was in Canada.

I was looking for good deals and seems like I've been having quite a preference for Benefit products... Only because their stall was the nearest to the door and it's the one I'm kind of more familiar with... and it was cheaper than the other ones. Hehe.. and so I bought Benefit The Porefessional.

Four reasons why I got attracted to buying this:
1. It seemed new and worth while to review if ever
2. The packaging is so groovy... like 70s stuff.
3. It came in a three-in-one deal, so yeah...
4. The store assistant's demo was so convincing

So on to my mini-review. I had Dawn use it for the purpose of this post since when we did this my face was still pretty much recovering from the effects of Canadian weather. Furthermore, some of the stuff in this review are half her observation.

Box Cover + Product Information

As you can see, this product comes in a tube form. It's relatively easy to control, like any tubed product. The product is indeed very lightweight and silky. The skin does feel silky smooth after application.

As for the pore coverage... Here's a photo of Dawn before (right) and after (left) application of The Porefessional. It did minimize the appearance of the pores but only minimally. It does not give the appearance of a poreless skin and does not offer much coverage for other blemishes.

It works just as great in priming the skin for make up and helps keep your make up last longer even in hot weather. I got to test it when we went around the wards for half a day. The weather that day was pretty hot and humid and I was afraid that my make up would give out it's coverage by noon since all I used was powder. Fortunately, The Porefessional came through. However, it did not keep the oiliness of my skin at bay.

Here's Dawn's final done up face using The Porefessional.

What do I like:
1. Packaging
2. Minimizes pores
3. Silky smooth finish
4. Lightweight
5. Helps keep make up on longer
6. Available in the Philippines

What I don't like:
1. Price is too expensive for a student paying her own make up expense
2. Does not totally hide pores
3. Does not minimize or control oiliness
4. No coverage offered for other blemishes.

Will I buy again?
Most likely not because of the price.

Well, that's all I can say about this product. Heard they gave away The Porefessional at the Maven Magazine event... If you got one... what was your experience with this product?



  1. I bought this a few days after the Benefit store in GB5 opened and your review pretty much reflects my own thoughts also. It does make my skin feel soft and silky, but hardly does anything for covering up pores and other blemishes. I guess it's simply good only for giving your skin a smoother canvas to work with before applying makeup.

  2. A nice cheap alternative might be Revlon's primer, I'm loving it more than my current HG primer, the Holika Holika's Silky Veil Primer

  3. Thanks for the review!! ^_^ I've considered this one before but I think I'll be sticking with my dual primer/pore cover by Etude House ^_^

  4. great review! I'm actually thinking of purchasing this but I am now having second thoughts because of the oil control and pore coverage... :)

  5. it's always the price talaga minsan xD

  6. @ari - yeah. I think it's better suited for people with smaller pores. Haha.

    @imah - maybe i'll try that after i finish this one. :)

    @valerie-ssi - thanks. I haven't tried that one from Etude House. I'll probably add that to my must try lists. :)

    @alice - well, i wanted to try using it with Dawn's oil control spray from Tony Moly to see if it will improve it. Haha... Will update you if ever.

    @gellie - oo nga e. oh well, one time splurge lang naman. :)

  7. thanks for this honest review! thinking if i should buy this but now i'm not sure anymore! i like sana something that will really keep the oil at bay :D


  8. Hi, what is the color of her lippie here?