Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Healing Garden RainWater Body Mists

Hello everyone!

Do you like floral scents?
Because I'm a sucker for mostly anything flowery! 
I LOVE floral scents, drawing flower portraits, floral prints on clothes, drink jasmine tea... heck, I even like eating sampaguita ice cream! Haha!

So I was excited when I opened a package sent to me by Comfort Scent Online.
If you're not familiar of Comfort Scents yet, it's actually one of the generous sponsors of our 2nd birthday giveaway! :)

Inside the package were these 2 body mists along with the items Comfort Scents sponsored for our giveaway.

The scents of the body mists we received were Uplifting Jasmine and Passionate Rose.
I took the Uplifting Jasmine while Liz got the Passionate Rose.

Liz and I weren't familiar with the brand The Healing Garden and it's our first time to try them out. We tried googling it and we found the website but it's still under development.
Here's what it says about the brand:

"In the healing garden, you'll discover the finest botanical and organic bath and body care collections that nature and science ever created. They not only nourish your skin, they soothe your soul. Life blooms in the healing garden."

Our initial reaction upon seeing the bottle is that it's unique. The shape of the bottle isn't similar to any of the body mists or other fragrances we've seen before. It's also not bulky so it's easy to carry around in your bag. The colors and choice of font on the labels are cute too!

The Healing Garden RainWater Body Mist in Passionate Rose

Passionate Rose is a bit strong and warm the first time you smell it. Probably because it's labeled 'Passionate' and 'Romance'. Rawr.
But after a while you will smell the rosy scent.

The Healing Garden RainWater Body Mist in Uplifting Jasmine

On the other hand, Uplifting Jasmine has a cooler and milder scent. I personally prefer this one because it's light, clean and soothing to my senses. I usually spray this after I shower.

The smell of the body mists don't really last long. But take note that these are just body mists and not perfume so they aren't really formulated to have the same lasting power although I think my Bath & Body Works Body Mists still has a longer staying power. Probably the longest time it remained on me is around 2 hours in an air conditioned room. :P

What I like about these scents are they are quite subtle compared to perfumes so it's quite nice to use it for everyday just so you can pamper your senses by smelling flowery and sweet.

If you're interested to try these for yourself, Comfort Scents Online is actually selling it in a pack of 3 scents.

 1 Travel Pack contains 3 Body Mists and costs Php275.00 only!

It's quite affordable, don't you think?
I'm quite intrigued on how the Tender Lavender smells like. My mom likes how Lavender smells so she'd probably like this. I wonder if they also have Sweet Pea...

That's it for my thoughts on The Healing Garden RainWater Body Mists.
They are actually a nice addition to my small collection of floral scents. I probably have almost a dozen bottles, some are even unused. Haha! Still, I don't want to give 'em away because they smell so nice and you know how much I love flowers! ♥

Have you tried any The Healing Garden RainWater Body Mists? What about their other products? Do you like floral scents too?


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  1. ma try nga yan, I see "the healing garden" mists on thrift stores here in Cebu, I just didn't mind checking it out coz I don't know anything about the brand. so thanks for sharing ^_^