Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Val Gets a KPop Inspired Makeover

 Hi lovelies!

I love doing makeovers. I'm always game to do one provided you go to my house. Haha! I don't like packing and carrying my makeup around. :P

Of course, my best friend, Liz, is the one who I always do my makeover with and she advertises those makeup looks very well on Facebook and other social media she uses. Most of her close friends and classmates already know me even though I haven't met them personally. And some also want to try and get makeovers too!

I've actually posted makeovers on some of Liz's friends and today is another one!

Let me introduce to all of you, Val!

 That's actually a picture from the makeover.

There's actually a story behind why Val got this makeover. 
Liz and I was watching a video from KPop group, 2NE1 and we just loved CL's makeup!

While looking for a picture of the look in google, I found this particular picture of hers:

Doesn't CL look so beautiful here?
And so, I wanted to try the makeup look out. 
But it just looks way too different on me. I then concluded that it probably suits mono-lidded women more.
Liz then said that she has a classmate that can probably pull the look!

Thus, she brought Val to our house. I haven't met Val, I just know her from Liz's stories about her med school life. :P I'm quite surprised that she's game on doing this makeup experiment even though they have such busy schedules in med school. :P

Here's a 'before' picture of Val.
 I stole this from one of Liz's FB albums. Hihihi. :P

Val says she rarely wears makeup and she doesn't know much about the application and stuff. Who can blame her? With a pretty face like hers, why would she need any? Naks! :P
Quoting one of her friends, "Pasalamat ka, maganda ka!" Haha! ♥

So onward with the makeover!!!
Here's Val after putting the base makeup and contouring...

And here are pictures after:

 We weren't able to completely copy CL's look but I do believe the makeup suits Val. She likes it as well and even told me that she'll visit me again when she has a big party to go to. Of course, I am game with that! Haha!

I think what she likes the most is what eyeliner can do to her eyes. She likes that it made her eyes appear bigger. Eyeliner power!!! ♥

What do you think of this makeover? 
Does it suit Val?
For questions regarding the products used or something else, just comment below! ♥



  1. Good Job :) I liked the eyeliner again- pamatay! Hehehe

  2. Great job! She pulled it off really well :D

  3. great job!!! she looked hot after =) love the eye make up and the soft curls =)

  4. agree, eyeliner could really make the eyes bigger!! :D galing!! good job!

  5. You did a great look on her, she looks amazing!!


  6. The hair really pulls the look together. Can't go wrong with eyeliner :3

  7. it really suits her! bagay! ^_^ what's the shade of her lipstick?

  8. She look gorgeous! i love it! :)

  9. She looks great! The makeup suits her well. Love the eye makeup! =)

  10. gorgeous! love the makeover! bagay sa kanya.... i've tried doing this on me pero sadly, hindi bagay sakin....