Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler

Hello ladies,

Been really busy lately and haven't been posting much of any stuff lately... but here, after a long night of making powerpoints for weird diseases, I treat you (and myself) to one of my reward splurges during my whole Canada trip.

See, I've never truly bought myself my own eye lash curler. My first one and all the consecutive eye lash curlers that I have are hand-me-downs from my dearest friend, Dawn.

Therefore, I decided that I have to buy myself one and not just any lash curler, BUT, the best that my mother's money can buy me. SO therefore, I give to you, my Shu Uemura Gold Eye Lash Curler.

See how pretty she is on the package? It's even prettier once you take it out.

Here are the friendly guides written on the box.

I initially wanted to buy the Shiseido one, because of some misunderstandings with prices listed online, I thought they were selling it for 12 or 15 dollars I think... (basta really dirt cheap price in a well known store)

But then, even after I found out the real price, the stores always ran out of stock. Even the Shu Uemura always ran out of these. So when I finally found one in stock I immediately grabbed it. It was just coincidental that it was gold.

Anyway, Dawn already has one and hers has been with her for years, and they're still as sturdy as when she first got it. So I'm well assured of the durability of this product.

And more pictures of the product...

Well, FINALLY, I truly OWN one now.

What eye lash curlers do you use?



  1. hihi.. ang pretty nga.. i have one in silver =)

  2. love it! :)
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    and if you like it, feel free to click that follow button pretty! ^^)

  3. ooh the shu ;-) kinda pricey but that thing lasts forever ^_^

  4. oh, i hope i can get this soon... i use the one from Fanny Serrano and Body Shop :)

  5. @rhaindropz - oooh! Pareho kayo ni Dawn! :) hihi...

    @RaeAbigael - will do dear

    @marge - it's a good investment nga. hehe... hindi ko nga maitapon ung box sa sobrang mahal...nakabox pa din siya kahit ginagamit ko na. haha.

    @issa - it's a really good investment. I haven't tried the one from The Body Shop, is it any good?

  6. I've been saving up for one! I need to get myself of this soon. super duper jealy na talaga! hehehe

  7. i just saw that in trinoma and i said, "babalikan kita!!!!" xD

  8. i use the silver one.. i think the gold is a bit more expensive but i would have love to have it in gold if only they got stocks! :)

  9. where to buy po online sa philippines?

  10. There are Shu Uemura stores here. I'm not quite sure where this is sold online but probably try at ebay? :P

  11. I sell them on eBay at a definitely lower price than Manila retailers. It's guaranteed authentic or you money back. I get them form the Narita or the Nagoya International Airports in Japan. 800php for the regular silver ones and 1000php for the limited gold ones. Kindly look me up in eBay as nwa747mnl. Thanks!