Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tarte EmphasEyes Inner Rim Brightener

Hello lovelies!

For my first visit in Sephora, my very nice cousin, Kuya Yalcin, bought me some of my most craved make up stuffs.

One of them is this nude eyeliner, Tarte EmphasEyes. Dawn just asked me to look for a nude eyeliner and when I asked the SA in Sephora and she showed me this... I fell in love.

Here are the reasons why:

1. I love the packaging because it looks so clean and chic.

2. It's automatic so I don't need to sharpen it so no mess from residues from my other eye liners.

3. It's cruelty free! :)

4. The skinvigorating ingredients are a great plus.

Here are the other ingredients used.

5. Ample amount which will last me for a really long time. :)

6. It just won't budge meaning it is very long lasting and very much smudge proof! This swatch picture was taken after smudging the product and as you can see, such a bold, solid line as if no one touched it.

When you put it on, it lasts for the whole day and it really does brighten your eyes. As a demo, here is Dawn's lovely eye sans the Tarte EmphasEyes

and here is her eye with the liner on.

Such a pretty healthy looking glow. :)

This eyeliner really is the best one I've had so far. By far, it is the only liner I have that is truly smudge proof and lasts for the whole day.

However, there are things that I do not like about this product:
1. It is expensive for a student like me.
2. Tarte is not locally available.

But still, it was bought with my cousin's money and with all the love he could give his favorite cousin. :) So all in all I (and Dawn) are very pleased with this little beauty. It's my new love affair since I have none so far. :P

Have you ever tried putting on a nude eyeliner? Oh and... do join our give away! :)



  1. It gives the eyes a fresh look. Haven't tried nude on my waterline before; but have once been obsessed with white on 'em :)

  2. aww sayang it's not available locally!! i have yet to try a smudge proof eyeliner in that form :) most of my pencil eye liners smudge kasi easily.

  3. Such a nice post dear! Love it max :) You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? ^^

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. Ang mahal nga! $18 sa sephora. Not bad kaso di available dito :(

    I tried the Nars one $23 sa sephora tapos Php 1,250 sa Rustans. I applied the tester around lunch, went to a wedding, andun pa til around 9pm.

    Ang mahal nila pareho. Bakit walang murang ganito, I can't believe it.

  5. @gellie - was also obsessed with white eye liners dahil laging pagod mata ko. But I saw in one of Lisa Eldridge's videos ang effect ng nude, it looks more natural and healthy. Try mo din. :)

    @hazel - it is sad na hindi siya available locally. Sana nga matagal pa ako maubusan

  6. I want! I've been in search for a good flesh tone eyeliner that really stays on my waterline! will definitely scour online shops for this...lol

  7. @ karina - thanks! Will follow yours also.

    @rae-mas mahal ko pa nga siya nakuha kasi ang mahal sa Canada. Oo nga noh? Bakit walang murang maganda? Hanap pa tayo.

    @hollie-go! Hope you find one too. :)