Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review : Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB Cream

Hi Beautiful!

Wow... It feels that it has been so long since I opened my dashboard... I have been busy lately. I don't have the time to write some posts in the blog (which I am very sorry for) nor have I visited and read my favorite blogs. 

Anyway, just to make it up to all my readers, I shall post a review on something that most of you have probably seen and might be interested in trying out since it is a BB Cream...

Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB Cream

The shade I got is Natural.
I think I should have gotten the fairer one since this is a few shades darker than me. :P

I bought this because I wanted to try out more BB Creams and I wanted to know if it will work as good as those from Asian brands. Plus, it's light on the budget so I wasn't hesitating on getting it.

Here are infos from the product's box:
It has SPF26 PA+++

About the product

What the product promises

List of ingredients


The product comes in a plastic tube form like most BB Creams.
The packaging is pretty much like most of Maybelline's products - bold, light colors and fonts. It's also more affordable than most BB Creams out there!

Here's the back of the tube

The cap doesn't have a stopper or whatever it is you call that blocks the hole of the tube. It kinda spills a little amount of the product on the cap which makes it look a little messy.

Here's the product on my hand.
As I said before, the shade is kinda dark for me.
The color is very warm so it suits Asian skin like mine.

Here it is when blended.

 The finish is a bit dewy actually. No glitters too. It's light on the skin and dries in a decent amount of time. It's easy to blend too and it is unscented so no annoying smell!

About what it promises, 
I can't really tell if it does brighten because I got a darker shade. I use a light powder to even my face out (plus it helps mattify my face and oil control). 
I don't think it refined my huge pores. I still use my pore refining makeup primers. 
It does moisturize! It doesn't have oil control though.
Finally, it helps conceal my blemishes and even my skin since it has a medium coverage. Yayy!

Been using this for a week and I didn't get any irritation nor breakouts.

So here's my summary:

♥ Feels light on skin
♥ Dewy finish
♥ Affordable at around Php250!
♥ Locally Available
♥ Has SPF 26
♥ Easy to blend
♥ Medium coverage
♥ Unscented
♥ Moisturizes
♥ No breakouts
♥ No irritations

♥ Didn't really refined my annoying, large pores
♥ Doesn't have oil control. Face gets shiny in only 2 hours.
♥ Gives my face a white cast with flash photography

Will I buy again?
It's actually a decent product... especially considering how affordable it is. But I might probably not buy it anytime soon since I want to try more products.

The Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB Cream really does make putting makeup on easier and faster since it is already your foundation, moisturizer and sunblock in one... Aren't all BB creams like that? Anyway, I actually still put sunblock since I don't think SPF 26 is enough. Haha! 

Have you tried Maybelline's Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB Cream yet?
What are your thoughts about this?



  1. hehehe i have words for this bb cream LOL

  2. Hey Marge? I'm curious to know your thoughts on this since you've tried far more BB creams than I have. :P

  3. I've tried their other BB cream, the older one, I think. I liked it for everyday although it's a bit sheer. And that's the first I've tried so I didn't have anything to compare it to :)

  4. hindi ba nakaka pimples to? :))

    Michael Macalos

  5. I have this in the lighter shade, i like it for everyday cos it's easy to apply (really blendable) and to remove (versus korean brands, which i find quite hard to remove with just facial wash haha). too bad it sucks in the oil control part

  6. Aya - Is the older version gone na?

    Michael - so far hindi, for me. :)

    ChinChin - I don't notice the removing part. Haha. Probably cuz I'm so used to very heavy coverage foundations that I find BB creams so easy to remove. LOL


    hahaha damang dama mo diether ocampo ko dyan LOL

    oh well, thankful na rin akech, it's my most viewed EVER hahaha

    Aya beh, yan parin yun, packaging lang naiba ;-)

  8. I've tried that bb cream several times. I like it although there are times it broke me out. Maybe because I used a powder that is not good for my skin. I kinda hate the dewy finish since I have oily skin. ^^, great review!


  9. i think this is my first bb cream back in college hahaha :)

  10. Marge - Thanks for the link! :P

    Alice - I just pat some powder on top of it to lessen the dewy finish. Thanks! :)

    Hazel - I haven't been using BB creams til recently. Haha. I didn't even know that this particular one has been out for years. :P

  11. i tried the old version, i think its the same formula..sadly its just like a tinted moisturizer, it does not work as well as korean bb creams and i agree with ur cons. it did not work for me :( but because i bought it i used it for daily use before but w/a combination of powder, it makes it look matte and lasts longer with powder :)

    1. i did use korean bb cream not good at all. always come pimple. i will try this. if still come out pimple i will try snail bb cream

  12. aMz - it's probably better as a makeup base then. :P

  13. hello po ate!
    would you recommend this on an oily face? haha :)

    1. I guess it's okay for oily face pero it doesn't really control oil. Try the BB Stick. It is better for oily skin. :)

  14. HI! I'm using the same BB Cream and shade. I also have very large pores on my nose and cheeks and it actually covers them! What I do is put 3-4 dots on each cheek then blend it DOWNWARDS. It covers my pores after that. :D

    1. Thanks for the tip! Will try that technique! :D

  15. I have the same product but it's 01 fresh.i've applied it twice p lang pero sobrang happy wid result.1shade fairer k pagkapply then aftr 2hours ganun p dn xa mga after 4hours mgretouch k n kc mejo ngooil n.pero ok n ulit aftr.

  16. Jing tap pai ling shan i am unable to use dis product so i through it out.

  17. I'm also using this bb cream in fresh shade which is about the same shade as my skintone. I do have to agree that it gets oily after a few hours. I did also get this bb cream because of the price. But there's still cheaper bb creams that this. Sansan is actually p150 but it only comes in one shade-natural. :-(

    1. The San San one is good and affordable but too bad that it doesn't have other shades. It's too dark on me.

  18. What other shades are available?
    ~Pauline @Kallony