Friday, July 13, 2012

PUSH IT: The Outstanding Thesis Exhibit 2012 Opening

 Hey guys!

Been out a lot lately because I was one of the exhibitors in
 PUSH IT: The Outstanding Thesis Exhibit 2012

 It's an exhibit of the students in the Advertising Arts department of the College of Fine Arts and Design of UST who got best thesis in the school year 2011-2012.

Oh, and btw, I was the one who came up with the logo and the arcade theme. Hihihi. ♥
Though my fellow exhibitor, Isai, was the one who pumped it up and made it digital.

 It took us a month to prepare. We spread some ads, videos and such using social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter!

But we only had a few days to prepare the exhibit itself, some stayed very late just to finish hanging works and doing other designs.

And finally, yesterday, July 12, 2012, was the opening of the gallery. ♥

Here's Mr. Nacario, our department head, who gave opening remarks.

And here's what the exhibit look like
 As you enter, you will see the exhibit's logo, some campaign posters, and a giant crane (The clawwwww) that you see in arcades.

 These two earned the Outstanding Thesis title in our batch. Their works are just superb!

And here are the rest of the exhibit:
 This lane is for the people in Fashion Design Category

 Ad campaign category

 Photography Category

 Mine's Category is Book Illustration. 

 My artworks!
If you aren't aware yet, mine is like media exploration were I explored Wax crayons with sgraffito technique.

Yes, all of those works are made from crayons! I did multiple layers and carved out the details. :P

 Printed books of my thesis

 And we also prepared food for the visitors of the gallery from Conti's! :P

So many people visited the gallery!

 There were friends and family of the exhibitors, professors and students there!

Of course some of my close friends came to support me!
 With Vireza and Bel!
They are probably familiar to some of you since they have appeared quite a number of times in my makeover posts.

 Here they are posing under the giant crane. Haha!

 And here's Bel next to the event's logo!

The exhibit was a success! Many people were impressed with our works and congratulated us. I also believe that we gave the current 4th year students an idea on what to do and expect with their thesis this year. ♥

 The gallery is open 'til Tuesday at the UST Beato Angelico Building.



  1. Dawn! Grabe, galing mo talaga :D ako kahit bahay kubo na made sa sticks di ko ma perfect. Bihira kasi ako makakita ng babae na magaling sa ganyan.

  2. Akala ko si Bea, si Bel pala.

  3. Kath - Awww... Thanks Kath! I'm glad you appreciate my works. :D

    Rae - sinong bea? ahaha!