Saturday, July 28, 2012

MAC Glaze Lipstick in 1N

A nice rainy weekend to you all!

The sisters have a very busy weekend scheduled so we will just share with you a quick swatch post for this Saturday night.

Liz has a brand new lipstick!
And because she loves her very kikay best friend, she gave me first dibs to try it out!
Well, actually, I have the better camera and lighting for the swatch post so she lets me have dibs on most of her products. I just don't know why she doesn't use them yet before I take the pictures... probably so they still look pretty and untouched? Anyway, I am very happy that I get to 'deflower' her new items. Haha!

So today's swatch post is...

MAC Glaze Lipstick in 1N

I believe it is also one of Liz's loots from her aunts in Canada.

Ingredients List

Bottom of the tube

Here's the lipstick. It's kind of a sheer champagne-ish color.

A swatch on my hand

And finally, here's a picture of my bare lips and below it is a pic of my lips with the product on.

It's a sheer nude color. Quite nice in a simple look or a smokey look. It's not something I adore though. But it's cute nonetheless. :P

That's about it for MAC Glaze Lipstick in 1N.
Will post about what got us busy this week soon! Stay tuned!



  1. Wow, ganda :D never tried a nude lippie pa.

  2. I'm pretty in love with nude lippies these days. This looks good ah :)

  3. Kath - You should get one! Maganda sya lalo na for smokey eyes!

    Gellie - Nude lippies whether lipstick or lipgloss are always a must in my makeup stash! ♥