Monday, July 30, 2012

The Body Shop : Love Your Body Loves Green - Go Virtual!

 Hello Lovelies!

Do you love The Body Shop products?
Are you Love Your Body members like I am?

Well, I'm happy to announce that The Body Shop is encouraging us, Love Your Body members, and those who are planning to become a member to go Virtual!
As most of you may know, one of TBS' core values is to take care of Mother Earth so they want to lessen the usage of plastic and turn their membership cards to something virtual instead!

 PVC is the most used material for membership, loyalty, or credit cards. On average 36 grams of CO2 is generated for every plastic card produced. Globally, over 10 billion plastic cards are produced every year for marketing purposes. Hence, 50 million kilograms of plastic waste and 200,000 tons of CO2 emissions are generated. To counter the CO2 effects of card production, we need at least 9.2 million trees.
Source: International Card Manufacturers Association, Global Market Statistics Report

Just look how much a simple shift can help our environment??
But for now, only MAC products such as IPad, IPhone and ITouch can get the app but in two months time, the android smartphones can download it as well!

The Body Shop invited us to attend Love Your Body Loves Green Program in MOA last Saturday, so that we can go green and go virtual! It's such a really good cause and it's also convenient for us since I think we always carry around our phones and some gadgets nowadays.

I was excited to go but I don't have the gadget for it. Good thing Liz has an IPad now! Yay!
When we got to the location, you will see the shop decorated with their new program and products!

Shifting to a virtual card is very easy!

Just access the internet, download Perkd (If you're not aware of what Perkd is, it's somewhat like your virtual card holder... it's said that it's one of the most used app nowadays)...

Pick The Body Shop Love Your Body, Philippines...

Complete the necessary details...

And voila! I have myself a Virtual Card!

Now I can be proud and say that I got involved in a good cause to save our Mother Earth! ♥

The Body Shop Philippines is also the first-ever TBS market in the Asia-Pacific to adopt this kind of technology that enables its members to conveniently access their LYB membership/ rewards programme anytime, anywhere.

On the other hand, The Body Shop also introduced to us their new makeup products!

So off to the makeup station we go!!

Meet The Body Shop's All-in-One Makeup Line and Their new Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer (I actually bought one already a few days back). :P

Liz and I got our makeovers to be one of the first few people to try out the products! Yeeey!

Here's Morning,TBS' makeup artist, applying the new BB cream on me. The BB Cream looks amazing! It's color started as white then blends to your skin tone as you apply it.

Morning and Dawn! We're like sisters in names! 

And of course, we posed with our dear makeup artist! Thank you for making us pretty that day, Morning! ♥

Will post more about the products in future posts!
The Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer is already available in all The Body Shop stores while The All-in-One Makeup will be available by August 10! ♥

And there were snacks!!! Yayyyy!

The yummy cupcakes were present!
Liz loved the crinkles while I just can't get enough of the White Choco chip cookies!! ♥

Our adopted sister, Helen, is also in the event!!

and before the event ended, we also posed with the beautiful girls of The Body Shop!
The sisters with Angel, Danica, Nicole and Helen.

We went home with goodies too!

We got the All-in-One makeup and a Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer! They were so sweet to ask for our exact shade before putting the items in the goody bag! Thank you so much, The Body Shop! Can't wait to try them out!
(If you want a review of a certain product soon, comment below!) ♥

The day was wonderful for Liz and I. We helped a good cause to protect Mother Earth, got a makeover, tried out new products and even got to take some home! Lovely, lovely day indeed!

I really do think that this is a wise and thoughtful move by The Body Shop.
Their ways to help communities and our planet is what makes me proud that I am an LYB member. I know how plastics can be harmful to our environment and shifting to a virtual card is a really good way to reduce plastic waste. It may be something very simple but just imagine if more brands do this, think how much it would help our planet, right?



  1. Ooh I wanna try that all-in-one BB cream of TBS!! :) Heard a lot of good reviews about it! ♥ And that's one nice move of TBS, no to plastics! ;) Way to gooo! ♥

    Arnie Villanueva

  2. Arnie - hope you stay tuned for our review of the BB cream! And yay to Love Your Body Loves Green Program!!

  3. Hmmm I'm quite interested in their Tea Tree Pore Minimizer Primer. Do you already have a review on that? Anyway, going virtual sounds like an awesome idea. Especially if it will help save our environment! :)

  4. Hey Kai! I don't have the review yet. Actually trying the product out for a month since according to the press release, it really does minimize your pores so I'd like to see if it really works! But do wait for it! ♥