Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review : The Body Shop Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer

 Hi guys! :D

My face makeup is very important to me. If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'd know that I usually have full makeup on. I have acne-prone skin and I really hate seeing pimples and pimple marks on my face when I go out. So besides looking for a foundation with a very good coverage and oil control, I also want them to last!

I do have some of those foundations and BB creams that last a long while but why not pump their lasting power more by using primers, right?
I have tried and reviewed a few makeup primers and recently, I have been fond of trying different ones out. Some I bought, some were given to me. Most of them gave positive results and I want to share them with you. I even have around 3 more pending reviews of different primers to post. :P

 For today's post, it's all about...
 The Body Shop Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer

 This one was given to me during the opening of The Body Shop's Pulse Store in MOA.
During that event, the Lily Cole Makeup Collection was also introduced to us.

What's good about the makeup collection is it's cruelty-free which means it was never tested on animals... and that it is mostly pinks and purples! ♥

The primer costs Php1,295.00.

What the product says:

 These radiant, light-diffusing pearls give skin a pure radiance. Use them before you use your
foundation or just on its own. In just one step, your skin is hydrated and your complexion perfected.

Perfect and illuminate your complexion with this pearlescent make-up base. It gets its shimmer from mineral mica.

  ♥  Adds radiance
 ♥   Use before foundation or alone
♥   Dermatologically tested
 ♥   Gives a flawless finish
♥    Limited edition
The first time I saw the bottle, I thought it looked very pretty with all the pink pearls. I even thought that it was just a design because I was looking at it from a few feet away. When I heard that the pearls really come out to add shimmer, I was surprised! It made me so excited to try the product out! :)

So on with my review...

The product comes in a pump dispenser. I like it because it is easy to take out the product and that it is very hygienic. The bottle is clear too so you can see how much of the product is left.

Here's what it look like when you pump the product out:
It doesn't really look like what I expected honestly... I thought it would look prettier. :P

It has a scent. I can't be specific of what it smells like... it's not annoying but it's not something I'd like... best adjective I can think of is it smells clean. :P

My main issue when I swatched it was the blending part. It was tedious to blend since you have to rub it over and over because the shimmers are clumped together.

Here's what it looked like after blending.
The shimmers are very fine and when topped with a foundation or BB cream, give a subtle, radiant finish on your skin.

The pearl shimmers stick to my fingers too when I blend it. I tried using a brush but it doesn't help at all. But you still get good results on your face anyway so this isn't really an issue. :)

It dries on your skin fast so no long waiting time for it to set. 
I use this under my BB cream and a setting powder and I still see a few of those fine pearl shimmers that made my skin look glowing which I really like. It made my makeup last longer too. ♥

I would like it to have more oil control though. Compared to some of my primers, it doesn't help my oily skin. It doesn't minimize pores either. :P


♥ Shimmers are very fine
♥ Love the packaging
 ♥ Makes my makeup last longer
♥ Cruelty-free
♥ Locally Available
♥ Pearly, radiant finish

♥ Can be quite expensive
♥ Tedious to blend on skin
♥ I prefer more oil control and pore minimizing primers

This primer, I believe, is more suitable for people who have clearer skin than I do because they can wear it alone or with less makeup on which can make the pearly shimmers more visible that make their skin more radiant because it won't be blocked off by the coverage of foundations (especially the ones I use since I prefer heavy coverage foundies).

So would I buy this again? No and the reason is what I stated above.
It's a good primer but not for my skin type.

Have you tried The Body Shop's Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer? How about other products from the Lily Cole Limited Edition Makeup Collection?



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  2. Haha first time I saw this, I was like "Oooooh, so pretty! I want!" .....and then I tried the tester. :p

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  3. Looks interesting! I prefer oil control and pore fillers too :3

  4. WonderWomanRises - It really is weird when you first pump out the product. I was puzzled on how to blend it. :P

    Anna - Yeah, this is definitely suited for people with better skin than mine. haha. :P