Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NOTD : Diamond Dust

 Hi guys!!

Been kind of busy this week so for today, I give you my NOTD!

Been a while since I posted an NOTD. :P

Anyway, I bought some glitter nail polishes from Shawill and I want to use them. Since they are so pretty and sparkly, why not get inspiration from something pretty and sparkly as well?

 So here's what my nails look like.
It kind of look a little yellowish in the pictures though.

Nail Polishes used:
Jocarste in 671
Jocarste in 642
Chic Nail Color in Love Orchid

 And here are more photos:

About the name, I got it from Final Fantasy. Haha! I was a gamer at heart.:P

I wanna try doing more glittery nail polishes in different colors! ♥




  1. It looks gold on photos :) Would love to see more colorful glittery nails :D

  2. Ooh the color is really pretty on you!!! I love it!!
    p.s. I'm jealous of your photo light box... Been looking everywhere for it, obviously nothing found keke... <3

  3. love the color and the glitters! very pretty!

  4. wow... your nails look so gorgeous... but instead of diamond, it reminds me of gold.. ;) hope you drop by my blog sis. :)

  5. Thanks girls. It does look gold in the photos but it's probably cuz of the glitters? I'm not sure... But if you see it personally, the nail polish is actually close to a platinum white. :P

  6. u should try jocarste 8100

    purple silver and gold glitters

    best with dark polish :D