Friday, July 06, 2012

MAC Lustre Eye Shadow in Lustreleaf

Hi everyone!

Just a quick swatch post again for today.
I was actually gonna make this post for yesterday but I was so tired from our quick get together with some of my college friends yesterday. I literally fell asleep while I was in the middle of typing the content on this post. Haha! :P

Anyway, today I will provide you a swatch on one of the items Liz received from her aunt in Canada...

MAC Lustre Eye Shadow in Lustreleaf

Info at the back of the product

The eyeshadow is a shimmery, cool shade of green.

And here's the swatch!

Swatch applied on Liz's arm

It's actually a pretty safe green color that you can use in an everyday makeup provided you don't apply it in a large area of your eyelid (like up to your brow bone, LOL).
Like every other MAC eye shadow, it's very pigmented and has a long staying-power. Especially with a nice eye shadow primer. :P

So yeah... that's about it for this post.
If you want us to make a look for this eyeshadow whether a nice, everyday look or a creative one, just comment it below!

Have a nice day guys! It's raining so I hope you have an umbrella with you if you're outside!



  1. Very nice shade of green and it's really pigmented and shimmery. :)

  2. Nice green color! It's not too overwhelming. =) If it's aight, could you guys do a mermaid-ish look with this e/s? I would love to see it. =) Thanks for this post!

  3. Would love to see u do a creative makeup look with this :)