Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NOTD: Gradient and Glittery

 Hey guys!

Like what I said in my former NOTD post, I'm currently in the mood for glittery nail polish.
So here's another one that I'm sporting this week:

Gradient and Glittery

As some of you may notice, I'm fond of purples (though not really my all time favorite color). I like it on my nails, as eyeshadows, on my clothes, accessories, etc.

The glitters and colors remind me of my Caboodles set when I was a kid. I wish I still have it so I could have shown you the similarities.

Here are the nail polishes I used for the NOTD:

Sorry if the polishes are messy. One of them leaked and made a mess in my nail polish kit. Huhuhu. T_T

I actually really like this NOTD. It's quite easy to do as long as you have a trusty sponge you can use to blend the colors with. I used an old makeup sponge for this one.
I like staring at my nails a lot nowadays because of the colors. They seem to blend so well and they just look so pretty and so girly! ♥

What do you think of my NOTD?
Any ideas you can share for another glittery post?



  1. cute!
    i knew that you used bobbie as soon as i saw the glitters.
    they are nice,no?

  2. Ang galing ng pagkaka-gradient mo Dawn! :D

  3. Thanks, girls! Glad you liked it!

    @Thia - Love it! Inexpensive pero maganda glitters! :)