Monday, July 23, 2012

Review : Snoe White No.6 Antibacterial Brightening Citronella Beauty Bar

Hey everyone!

I've been seeing so many people blogging about Snoe Beauty products that I just have to try it!

So last month, I went to Landmark, Trinoma, where I bought some products from Snoe Beauty. I actually asked the SA's their best-sellers which led me to buying 4 products. One of them is...

 Snoe White No.6 Antibacterial Brightening Citronella Beauty Bar

I bought an organic soap because most of these soaps actually work well on me. I'm acne-prone so I also suffer from back acne so I'm very particular on the products I use for my body.

They actually showed me around 3 to 4 bars but I bought this because of the smell. I'm not a big fan of citrus-y smell but this one is an exception. It just feels relaxing when I smell it.

One bar costs Php139.00. But it's quite big compared to the soaps I used which are almost the same price.

Here are the info on the label:

And here are additional information from the website:
 (Well actually, these are also written on the label.. haha)

For Flawless Skin
  • Has anti-microbial properties that eliminates body odor
  • A natural skin antiseptic that is effective agaisnt skin disorders and rashes
  • Prevents and heals pimples
  • Contains Calamansi to whiten skin
  • Promotes sleep and relaxation
  • Calms sebaceous glands to produce a pimple-free and fairer skin
Active Ingredients: Citronella Oil, Calamansi Extract, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin C and E, High Grade Coconut Oil

Here's what the bar looks like when unwrapped:

At first use, you will definitely notice the citrus-y scent. The foam it produces is very creamy too. After I shower, it doesn't make my skin feel dry like some soaps. Though the scent doesn't really linger on the skin unlike the body washes I use from The Body Shop.

Been using it for almost three weeks now and I really like that it never gave me breakouts and I also noticed that my pimple scars on my back and some on my arms are healing. No need to conceal some pimples and scars from acne!

Like most organic soaps, it disintegrates faster than the synthetic ones which I don't really mind since I'm used to using organic soaps.

♥ No breakouts 
♥ Whitened my dark marks from acne
♥ Affordable
♥ Organic
♥ Smells great
♥ Locally available
♥ Doesn't dry skin

♥ None actually but I wish that the scent lingers on skin longer

This is the first bar I've ever tried in Snoe Beauty and they have 11 more scents available. Might buy this again along with another scent too.

Have you tried any Snoe Beauty Product? How about their beauty bars? Which do you recommend?



  1. I've tried this too and liked it :) Nice review! :)

  2. I love how specialized the Snoe Beauty Bars are :)

  3. Hi! I tried their Vitamin C-Enriched Calamansi and Maximum Whitening Moringa Beauty Bar! Wrote reviews for both. :)

    <a href="> She Goes Thrifty </a>

  4. i wish i can get a snoe bar asap, its such a nice brand :)

  5. I love Snoe products, but I haven't tried their bar soaps! :P Hehe

  6. wow 11 other scents for just a soap bar? that's a wide array of choices! :D


  7. I've never tried any of their products. Been reading so many good reviews about them. will definitely give snoe beauty products a try soon.

  8. Aya - Thanks! :)

    Gellie - True! Can't wait to try a different one.

    aMz - you should try it out and share with us what you think. :)

    Helen - Gorabels na with the beauty bars!

    Hazel - Yup! Will try the others too! :P

    Hollie - Yay! Hope you like them too! :)