Friday, April 27, 2012

NOTD: Finding Nemo!

We absolutely love the Disney-Pixar Film, "Finding Nemo."

A few days ago, Dawn watched the film again and came up with the idea of making a Finding Nemo-inspired NOTD!

So here are the polishes used in this NOTD.
 San San nail polish Tangerine Burst
 Etude House White Nail Polish
 Caronia Clear Polish
Elianto Nail Color in Blue Splash
San San nail polish in Canary Glow

For the black lines, we used black acrylic.

on Dawn's nails are the colors inspired from Marlin (Nemo's dad). She actually isn't a fan of orange but the theme suits her nails more since they are longer.

And on Liz are a mixture of yellow and blue inspired from Dory. Liz LOVES Dory so much!

So here's our nails.

We took the pictures right after we finished doing the nails that's why it's still kinda messy. :P

Coincidentally, the following week, Dawn went to Manila Ocean Park with some relatives.
She get to take pictures of different marine life and look what she found!

More Nemo friends!!

But her favorite of 'em all are these:
Aren't they beautiful?

Especially this one. She just loves posing for the camera! :P

So that's all for now! Ciao!

'Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...'



  1. How fun to have a friend to do this kind of stuff with!

    I don't bother doing my nails lately since I'm just at home hehe. But I love both your NOTD's!! It's so coincidentally summery :D

  2. AWWWWWWWW I've seen Finding Nemo million times I've memorized the lines. hahaha

    CUTE nails :D

  3. Adorable nails. Haven't done my nails lately super busy )):

  4. haha cute inspiration! i think if you just perfect the lines, it'd be better :D

  5. Chrissy - Yes! It looks good with our summer outfits too!

    Aya - I love the sea turtles in the movie!

    gellie - Thanks!

    Kumiko mae - true. It was hard controlling the brush. Especially when I was doing my own nails. :P