Sunday, April 08, 2012

Makeup Experiment #02 : Twiggy Inspired

 Hi everyone!

 I've been doing a series of themed makeovers with my classmates. Everything from the makeup, hairstyling, photography and costume where done by us. This post is for our second makeover. You can view the first one, the geisha inspired, here.

 And here's the next of our series of experiments...

and our chosen theme is none other than...

Photo source:
 The legendary fashion icon, Twiggy!

 And I got my ever so pretty friend, Abby to be my model.

 I also did her makeup in this photo. Hehe. :P

The most critical parts of this makeover or for any Mod makeup look are the eyes.
We spent half of the time of applying makeup on the eyes. It's quite difficult to apply the eyeliners. One reason is that the model isn't used to wearing contact lenses... but we did it! Phew!

Makeup by :Me
Hairstyle : Abbigail Ambrosio
Model : Abbigail Ambrosio
Photo by : Me, Neysa Saguid, Vireza Yu, and Abby Ambrosio
Place taken : My room 
And here are the pics:
 She was actually reading a text message when I took this pic so I requested her to pose with her phone for a few shots.

 She looks like she's endorsing her phone. :P

 And moooore pictures...

It's quite hard for me to pick a favorite. I'm torn with the pictures with her phone or the one with the bottom view or those with the top view. *dizzy*

This look really challenged the 'steadiness' of my hands when applying eye liner. Although it was quite difficult, it was still fun to do. We had fun taking pictures and my classmates find the makeup pretty.

What do you think of this experiment?



  1. Your friend is indeed pretty. Nice interpretation of the look.

    If you round out the eyebrow arch a little bit, you nailed it. But that wouldn't suit your model. So, good job.

  2. This one is definitely a favorite!

  3. Rae - Thanks! I did consider rounding her brow arches but her eyes are too strong and it will indeed not suit our dear Abby. :)

    Neysa - Agree! :D

  4. You nailed it very well. Gj, she looks amazing.

  5. Nice! I thought at first na yung first picture ay Twiggy na! :D

  6. ang galing. kuhang kuha ang eyes ni twiggy. :)