Sunday, April 29, 2012

Redken Powder Perfect Blush in Innocent Orchid

Hello beauties!

Last December, I went to The Fort Bazaar at NBC Tent. I was there to find some stuff to give as Christmas gifts for friends in affordable prices. Another reason was to find less expensive makeup.

In one of the booths there, I came across this blush...

 Redken Powder Perfect Blush in Innocent Orchid

The brand is actually unknown to me. I tried googling about it only shows the Redken that is a brand for salon and manufactures hair styling and haircare products. There were no makeup in the list of their products so I am not sure if blush is theirs.
But they were selling it for only Php200 so I just bought it. I don't own any dark blushes and this one reminds me of the color Old Rose which is a color I really like so I didn't hesitate much on buying it.

I didn't like the packaging. But it's cheap anyway so I don't really mind. LOL
It also comes with a brush applicator which is actually not bad. It's not too soft but it isn't prickly at all.

Info at the back:
You get a lot of the product. Will take me a looooong time before I can hit the pan. 

More info on the box:

Here's what it looks on my finger in one swipe:

You get a very solid color. True to what you see on the pan. 

swatch on my arm

It's very pigmented so you should be careful on how you swipe your blush brush before applying it on your cheeks. If you apply too much, you look like you have a big rash on your face. LOL

swatch on paper

But if you get the right amount of the blush and blend it well, you'll achieve a rich rosy pink glow.

product applied on my cheeks

The product is not hard to blend on the cheeks. Just make sure to tap the excess blush off your brush before you apply it.
I honestly like the finish on me. But I do think that this blush doesn't suit everyone. Some people might look darker or it might make some look like they've been slapped. :P

Are you aware of this brand? What do you think of the blush? :)



  1. I think this looks really great Dawn! :D Nice find :)

  2. not aware of the brand but it looks good on you! :) i'm now wishing to get my full bangs once again :( love it!! <3

    check my blog out? :)

  3. Chriselle- it is! I'm glad I found it.

    wickeRmoss - Agree. I like the name too.

    Katrina - Thanks! go for full bangs! :)

  4. Such a pretty shade!! I'm a lover for anything raspberry, rosy!

  5. Sharlynn - I am too! That's why I bought it when I saw it! :)