Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review : Etude House My Wish Cheek in #3 Celebrity Peach

 Hello dears!

I just noticed that among all my makeup products, blushes are the ones I have the least number of... Besides those that get used up a lot or needs disposing earlier than most like mascaras and eyebrow pencils.

I usually wear dramatic eye makeup so I choose to tone down my blush so I'm not entirely particular with every shade that I use. 

It has only been recently did I start buying new ones. This one that I will review was bought a couple of months ago...

 Etude House My Wish Cheek #3 in Celebrity Peach

The exterior of the products is really cute. It's quite small (around 2-3 inches at each side) that it's very easy to carry in your vanity kit. I like the soft pink heart design and even its light pink box.

 It also comes with a brush applicator. The brush is soft enough but I still prefer using my makeup brush. I like that it is stored in a separate compartment! ♥♥♥

 Here are some info from the back of the product and on the box:

 Here's a closeup look of the product:

 And swatches:
 on my hand

 on my arm

on paper

It's a mixture of soft pink, Warm Pink and Peach. I apply it by mixing all the colors and the result is a soft peachy glow on my cheeks. I already used it in one of my FOTD's but I made it very soft since I used really bold colors.

The product is quite powdery. It's kind of matte but has this luminous effect that gives you a sudden glow. I really do like this effect. The colors are quite pigmented too but since the colors are soft, the results are very light. ♥

The product costs Php 528.00 and available locally at the Etude House Stores. If you wish to check out more about EH, visit their website and Facebook Page.

BTW, are you going to the Etude Playhouse Pink Fair 2012 event this weekend? 
If you are, see you there!



  1. I dunno why I'm not such a big fan of blushes. Hehe. But I've been wanting to buy a new bronzer :)

  2. that's a really pretty shade, but it might be too shimmery for me. that will prolly work as a good highlighter for my skin color..hehe

  3. Wow love this... Im a fan of blushers n not so much for eye make up :)

    Followed you... Please vsit my blog too. :)


  4. Gellie- not much of a fan of blushes too but I looove bronzers! Go for the bronzers! Haha!

    Hollie - It is pretty! Thought I believe the "My Wish Cheek" blush line of EH comes in 3 shades. :)

    Frozen Blossoms - Thanks! Followed you back! :)

  5. this blush looks pretty! :)