Monday, April 30, 2012

Etude House: AC Clinic Gel Lotion and Toner

Good evening ladies,

Haven't blogged for a while, and I'm already guilty about letting Dawn do all the work.

So for today, I'm sharing with you my latest skin care trial product, AC Clinic Toner and Gel Lotion. I won them at Etude Playhouse Pink Fair while playing Goal In!

I've been using this AC Clinic skin care product for the past three days. SO FAR, these are what I've noticed...

1. They both smell like eucalyptus. Almost reminds me of the spa scents...

2. Toner doesn't sting your eyes if you happen to be applying near that area.

3. The gel lotion dries quickly and leaves your skin feeling smooth after.

4. So far, not many pimple break outs. Especially considering these past month's weather.

This is not a full review yet on it's performance as I believe, to give a credible and thorough review, I'd need to use it for at least a week or a month. However, as you can see, I only still have the trial.

Currently, still cashless and cannot 'extort' money from my parents. Plus, I am leaving for Canada soon for vacation and visiting purposes, and my parents have already given me a big allowance for the trip. Hopefully, I get to buy oodles of make up goodies. :)

So, back to Etude House's AC Clinic products, so far, I'm loving the smell and the consistency of the products. Would definitely buy the bigger version to really see it's effect.

Hopefully, I get to buy one before I leave. It's actually my first trip out of the country so I hope everything goes well. :)



  1. wow, so excited for your canada trip. can't wait to see what goodies you bring back here...hehehe

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  3. @hollie - thanks... am really excited about it and the make up shopping! :)

    @Marge - thanks! :)

  4. wah i wish i can go out of country too :D have fun ;)