Thursday, April 19, 2012

LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea Press Launch

Hello ladies!

Yesterday we were invited to attend the press launch of  LISTERINE® at Umu Restaurant in Dusit Thani Hotel at Makati. I was really excited because aside from the Body Shop this would have been the second event that I've attended and my first as an official sister/blogger.

Karen Co, Senior Brand Manager for  LISTERINE®

This event introduced the new LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea. The event started with a brief overview on the inspiration behind the new   LISTERINE® and what makes it different from all the other  LISTERINE® products.

I don't think it comes as a surprise to most of us that one of the biggest oral problem we face is tooth decay. In our country about 92.4% of the population experience tooth ache. LISTERINE® has recently found out that one of green tea's many medical wonders is that it helps fight tooth decay.

Nikka Arcilla, Assistant Brand Manager for  LISTERINE®

People who have an affinity with drinking green tea may find this interesting: Green Tea contains three components which fight tooth decay. These are: (1) catechins - an antioxidant which inhibit the activity of cavity causing bacteria, (2) tannins - which helps prevent plaque build up, (3) flouride - green tea naturally has flouride, and as we all know, flouride is our teeth's best guard against tooth decay.

So how is it different? The base LISTERINE® formula is still there, what's new is that this variant has twice the flouride which provides twice it's protection. On top of that, green tea has a high affinity to our teeth's enamel giving it a protective coat against cavity causing bacteria. Furthermore, this variant has no alcohol which lessens the sting of the mouthwash, which a lot of us prefer.

Dra. Maritess Oliveros-Villarico

Dra. Maritess Oliveros-Villarico, president of Philippine Pediatric Dental Society Incorporated, also walked us through the right practice of oral health. As she quoted, flouride is best used topically or directly applied on teeth. So essentially, what we want to do is to keep the flouride in contact with our teeth.

The recommendation is to brush our teeth with a flouride containing toothpaste, at least twice daily. Toothpaste should be at least 2cm in length (the whole length of the brush of your average toothbrush) and the toothpaste should contain at least 1350 ppm flouride (check the label). Brush for at least two minutes, spit out the excess and do NOT rinse. This is to keep the topical effect of flouride. Follow up with floss and a gargle of flouride containing mouthwash. 

Though it sounds quite technical, Dawn and I did try this routine that night. The results were astounding for me. I woke up feeling probably the same as those commercials, where you can just say hi without having to cover your mouth. NO morning bad breath for me.

As for the new LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea, Dawn and I love the taste. It was still a little stingy but just a little bit. Compared to the previous variants, you need not dilute this one and you need not worry about feeling like you burned your tongue afterwards. So for tea lovers, here's the perfect mouthwash for you.

Before I leave, I'd just like to comment on the place, Umu Restaurant. It was my first time eating at high end Japanese place. The whole resto atmosphere felt like a modern authentic Japanese Tea House. There were private booths with sliding doors, the chairs gave that East meets West feeling to the interior, the maitre de (I'm assuming) was wearing a lovely yukata, the waiters and waitresses also donning Japanese garments, and to top that, the view of the garden outside the area where we the event was held looked a lot like a Japanese courtyard complete with the little bridge over the man-made river/stream while on the other side of the room, the window overlooked a bamboo zen garden.

Dawn with the setting sun giving her some spotlight. :)

Liz with the short bangs trying to look fierce.

The food was delicious. We started with the peculiar Pumpkin Tofu for appetizer, which had an interesting taste the kind that grows on you and somehow leaves you wanting and wondering how such a delicacy is made. Then some sashimi, and finally a main course consisting of Miso soup, some Tempura, Salad, and Rice (plus a side dish which name is unknown to me). For dessert, they served Green Tea Ice Cream which was very delicious as well.

Pumpkin Tofu

 Yummy main course. :)

Green Tea Ice Cream for dessert.

However, the star of the diner was definitely the juice they served us before dinner, during the event, and during dinner, it was so good Dawn and I each had 3 to 4 refills. We asked what it was and were amazed that it was iced green tea, green tea like we never had before. I would have wanted to buy the stuff from them but seeing as how I was short on cash, and the fact that they probably would have kept it a company secret, I did not dare ask.

Iced Green Tea... still craving for one now...

Joining us in our table were:

Mary Rose, an intern from Manila Bulletin
Jones, from Manila Bulletin's Advertising Department

and Erika Lim from Mega Magazine... unfortunately we weren't able to get a photos with her. Maybe next time we meet again. :)

Finally, we come to the end of this long post. Sorry for that.

Anyway, hope you try LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea and that oral health routine.



  1. Yung pony tail ko yung nasa likod ng fierce photo ni Liz. :P

    Ang ganda nga nung place ;) So japanese-y I feel like naka-yukata dapat ako :P

    Anyway, I tried the mouthwash and I like the flavor.

  2. @rae - Ooh! andun ka din! sayang di tayo nakapagmeet. hopefully next time. :) - liz

  3. i was also invited to this event but unfortunately i wasn't able to come..
    nice post! kakagutom ang food at parang gusto ko na din magfringe! :P

  4. me too! Had an urgent meeting i have to attend to. Sayang! This would be my first ever event sana and i was able to meet fellow bloggers like you. :-) anyway, hope there are other events that we can cover. Congrats to Listerine New and Natural

  5. waah. Pumunta din ako pero di kita nakita. Medyo magkalayo tayo ng table. :(

  6. hehehe i had to decline their invite for this.
    kung maka invite naman sila 2 days before! LOL minsan nga a day before pa.

  7. Gerilen - aww sayang. Would have loved to meet you!

    wickeRmoss - Thanks! :)

    Sugar and Spice - aww... hopefully we can get to meet in another event! :)

    Morbidfrank - yeah, i saw you pero I still wasn't sure so I was too shy to ask. :P

    Marge - True! They sent me the invite last Apr 16. I was hesitant at first cuz I'm just lazy but I guess have nothing else better to do anyway. Plus, it's Liz's first event as a blogger. :P

  8. Green Tea? cool! will try this too!