Sunday, April 22, 2012

Etude Playhouse Pink Fair 2012 Day 1

Good evening ladies,

Yesterday, we had the pleasure to attend Etude Playhouse Pink Fair 2012 day 1.

Leaving our stamp/mark on the freedom board. :)

The event was packed with a lot of excited Etude House fans/lovers. Even before 1 pm queue for the event was already long. You can tell just how excited everyone were for this event. Accompanying us in the event, were our friends, Abby, Belle, and fellow blogger Yuki.

Dawn and Liz with Yuki. BTW, Yuki is OBSESSED with pandas. :)

The event was filled with a lot of activities. Included in the ticket were passes to activities available for the princes and princesses who graced the event. Of these were, Make-overs, Facial Care, Games, and also, free food.

Free one ice cream for each prince/princess

Sweets for the sweet. :)

Pink popcorns anyone?
And of course, the delectable macarons...

Irresistable, wouldn't you say?

The were 4 very entertaining games which guests can play in and be able to win some Etude House products as prizes. Of course, we tried them all. These were:

Dawn loves the pink easles and wanted to take one of them home. Wonder where they got them...

Here's Liz channeling her inner "amazona" as she was able to goal in all the giant cotton swabs in Goal In!

There were also several entertaining personalities and very adorable stuffs in the fair. At the entrance, there were two violinists serenading the people queued. When you enter, you're greeted by the staff and get pranked/entertained by the mimes.

Dawn and Liz posing with the mimes. :)

As you walk further in, you discover this life-size music box complete with the dancing ballerina,
Here's our music box ballerina. All smiles. :)

these adorable mascots of Etude House's hand creams,

and the pink beatle that could just about be Penelope Pitstop's car or Herby's cute bride. :)

Of course, Etude Playhouse Pink Fair also had a very informative program set for the princes and princesses of the event. The program for day 1 was hosted by Abby Cruz.

Etude House Philippines' President, Ms. Andrea Amado, gave the opening remarks and formally started the program.

For day 1, Mr. Boram Kim, Etude's Global Specialist, gave a talk on proper skin care regimen. He said that there are two important things to remember in skin care, that's cleansing and toning. He added that cleansing, does not only mean the simple washing of the face, it means, cleaning our pores, proper make up removal, and proper exfoliation. In the talk he also introduced some of Etude House's  Skin Malgeum Toners and which toners suited which skin types.

After the talk, Mr. Boram Kim gamely answered the crowd's many skin care concerns. Of particular interest is the question on how to know your skin type. Mr. Kim answered that it depends on how your skin feels at midday after you've done your morning cleansing regimen without applying moisturizer. If at midday, your skin is oily all over, then definitely you have oily skin. If you have segmented or patchy areas of oily and dry, then you have combination skin. Lastly, if it's dry and flaky, then you have dry skin.

Next was a Trend Report by Ms. LA Ferriols of Meg Magazine.

She introduced the year's 5 spring-summer trends. I'll give a little summary of her trend report.

1. Florals
This time around, florals are back and they're not afraid to be big and to be everywhere. Now we see florals prints in tailored pants, in shoes, in bags, and almost any kind of accesory. The prints are bigger now. Plus, they come in darker palettes this time around making an easy shift from casual to formal.

2. Pastels
Out with the neons and hello to little softer more laid back pastels. You can mix-and-match and experiment with them as much as you like, but do remember, color blocking.

3. Animal Prints
We all know animal prints give us that little umph in the outfit and this time, they don't just come in the normal zebras, or cougar, or tiger colors and what nots. Animal prints now come in color and new trend is, the animals are the prints.

4. Peplum
Ah, peplum, the triangle and square body types answer for vavoom curves. Even the curvier ladies can wear them just need to look for the right structure. But definitely the answer to a vavoom feel for any woman. :)

5. Anoraks
According to Ms. Ferriols, the closest description would be that it is somewhat similar to a cardigan but the cloth used is more 'tela' and that it looks like a coat but does not provide the same heat/warmth of a coat.

Also, sporty clothings seem to be making it's way into our wardrobe not solely as a sport wear. She says, some have been seen wearing their track pants with heels and rocking the look. :)

Next is a Beauty 101 segment by Ms. Ning Hilario of Meg Magazine.
The ones seated on the front row are the VIP (not sure how you become a VIP though) but they were provided with a make up kit complete with all the products needed to recreate Sandara's Night and Day look. The make up artist walked them step by step through the whole process.

And last was a talk on Visual Poise by Mr. Levenson Rodriguez of Fashion Academy Manila.

It was a really fun event and we were able to spot some fellow bloggers and connect with them. It was also an opportinity for Liz to meet and introduce herself to them.
Marge of Kikay Trekkie

Donnarence of My Lucid Intervals

Our new year giveaway winner, Catherine K of kikay talk.

Dawn also met Claire from Another Late Bloomer.

Dawn also met another blogger, though outside of the event (At the newly opened Forever21), Kath of Dear Kitty Kittie Kath.

 We also snapped a shot with Ms. LA Ferriols.

Here are all the stuff we won and were given to us as part of the press kit.

And of course, Dawn did some last minute shopping at Etude House store and here are her loot. :)

We had fun at the event even if we could only attend day 1. How about you? Did you attend one or both? Hope you had fun too.



  1. I'm sure nag-enjoy kayo ng sobra sis :) Sana sa next event makapunta din ako. Nice meeting you Dawn, censya na medyo nahihiya pa kasi ako. Ang daming tao sa F21, grabe yung pila sa cashier.

  2. OMG naka-megabangs kayong dalawa. haha. :) cutesy.

  3. Kath - Yes we did! It was really nice meeting you too! We weren't able to buy any sa F21. So many people in line nga sa counters and it was getting late na din! Haha.

    Marge - Yes! Liz was in awe of your skin. Ang ganda ganda mo daw. Haha!

    Ate Trace - of course! haha! :P

  4. Hi! I saw you there... kaso, I chickened out! Hahaha! In fact, we almost bumped into each other sa may cornetto booth... sobrang nahihiya lang talaga ako... TT__TT

    Sayang... =(

  5. angelamhiere - Sayang! Would have loved to meet you! I was busy "babysitting" some friends! Hahaha! Next time! :D

  6. Perfect event for beauty bloggers/princesses! Too much pink = fun fun fun! Looks like you had tons of it~ Hope to meet you soon!

  7. looks like a really fun event!

  8. I hope to get the chance to attend a fun, pink event again next time so I could meet you awesome ladies!!! ^__^

  9. loads of fun indeed :D new follower ;)

    ❤ aiMee/aMz,

  10. Cute! I hope you got your dose of fashion that day! :D And thanks for taking notes :D See you around! xx L.A.