Thursday, April 12, 2012

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Most Popular

 Hi dears!

 Liz and I have prepared quite a number of swatch posts on lipsticks.
In the past few months, we've been in a makeup shopping spree (mostly me) and majority of our purchases are lippies! :)

First one on my list of lippie swatches is...

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Most Popular

 I believe this shade has been discontinued, unfortunately. :(
Quite ironic too. :P

It's in the MAC's classic, black tube. 

 The color is kind of a warm plum... close to maroon but not quite. :P

Swatch on paper

Applied on my lips

And here's how it looks on me... I have a weird goofy smile there. Sorry... I actually just realized it now while typing that it's quite disturbing when I stare at it too long. LOL

I like the color. It's dark but wearable. It's a color that I can even wear smokey eyes with. And it makes me look fairer. :P




  1. this is one of the reason why i try not to buy from collections... it's hard when you love something & it's discontinued

    you look great,hun!

  2. Why discontinued? Anyway, you good in that shade. Looks perfect for evening events! :D

  3. Thiamere- true. :( Atleast it gives you a chance to try out dupes of other brands. :P

    Mrs. Kolca - I believe it's from a limited edition collection if I am not mistaken. Thank you. :)

  4. Hi! :D

    This is a nice shade but I get kind of sad whenever I hear that it has been discontinued :( I followed your blog! I love your posts :D