Monday, April 09, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks in Petal and Candy Pink

Hello ladies,

During the start of the year, both Dawn and I have had a lot of new make up purchases and tried a couple of products. I think it would have been the first time I saw Dawn on consecutive make up highs, and my first time to have one.

Most of the products that we've been trying out were lipsticks. If you would review the past posts, you'd see a lot of lipstick and lipgloss purchases over the past months. Of the many lipstick purchases, here's two from Revlon.
Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks in Petal and Candy Pink

Here are swatches of the two lippies.

Swatches on hand

On paper

Here are pictures of the color when applied on the lips.

Bare lips


With Candy Pink

At first, when I saw the Candy Pink I thought it would go on quite strong and I'd have a lot of problems with figuring out how to tone it down, but it goes on quite sheer. I find that it did not chap my lips and have loved it. Though I need to work on matching it with make up looks... cause I am a little of noob at that.

Petal is a great find, since I like more subdued, and natural look (but recently Dawn has influenced me to go a little bolder with my make up looks). But most of the time I think I overdo it to the point that everything just looks flat. It also goes on sheer.

Anyway, happy Easter again to all our lovely readers.



  1. love the shades, hehehe and i like the feel of these colorbursts than the lip butters :P

  2. Agree! I don't own any lip butters but I've tried it before. I like these better.