Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Liz's First Time At Yakimix and More...

Hello ladies,

First times are always precious and memorable experiences don't you agree? Yesterday, Dawn treated me out to Yakimix as a thank you for helping her with her thesis and as a pick-me-up remedy for all the stress that "Death March" gave me.

Grilling meat is the best. :)

I've been wanting to eat at Yakimix since last year. Dawn, Rica (our best friend), and I have always loved Japanese food. Whenever we go out, we always eat Japanese.

It was a happy first time, for the most part. Once I saw the sushi buffet, I was in bliss. By the time I got to the MEAT parts, I was in HEAVEN. I love meat, beef especially, and I was more than happy to be grilling them and eating them.

See how happy I am? I had 20 sushi pieces as appetizer. Haha!

Meat skewers? YUM!

And my generous hostess looking all pretty.

Her she is trying to look silly/cute. :P

Unfortunately, I could not finish all the sushi I put in my plate. I kind of feel sad; well, lesson learned, don't go pigging out on the sushi buffet.

I just find babies cute. Don't you find them adorable too?

So here we are with the deserts.

Dawn just loves those small chocolate things. :)

I loved the frozen deserts more. I enjoyed them so much I ate until I was full.

By the end, we were full and just wanted to walk around and burn all the calories we packed.

Since we were in MOA, and had a lot of time in our hands since we ate around lunchtime, we decided to go watch the new movie, HUNGER GAMES.

Here we are waiting for the movie to start. :P

It was a good movie and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Though both of us have not read the book yet so we can't do much of any comparisons.

All in all we had a great time that day. Mostly laughing at a very memorable incident which I caused, let's just say that after that incident, I won't be visiting MOA's bayside for at least half a year. :)

Oh and we have a couple of news for you guys. We just found out that Marionnaud will not be opening in MOA anymore. Sorry to break it to you ladies. HOWEVER, do not fret that much as MAC will still be in MOA. Currently, they are in a make shift stall beside the escalator near Marionnaud's old location. They do not know yet where their permanent location will be, but they are there to stay.

So there you have it, my first time in Yakimix, Hunger Games, one memorable day, and news on MAC. Ever had any first times at a new place recently? :)



  1. Haven't tried Yakimix pa pero I wantness!!!! XD

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  3. MASARAP! punta ka ng lunch para mura. :) - Liz

  4. How sad that it Marionnaud won't be opening again. :( Anyway looks like a fun experience! I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. :) I prefer Sambokojin (idk if i spelled that right) myself. :)

  5. @chriselle - where is that? i'd like to try that too. :) - liz

  6. Omg...japanese food! Love!! I've been trying out all kinds of little japanese restaurants and cafes in singapore with my mom. Love how tasty and often healthy the food can be! :)