Friday, April 06, 2012

The Body Shop Reed Diffuser in Spiced Vanilla

 Hi everyone!

How has your holy week been going?
I'm spending mine at home resting. I've been mostly in my room watching different TV series.

Since I've been in my room a lot, I noticed my The Body Shop Reed Diffuser in Spiced Vanilla is almost running out. Which kinda made me sad.

 See the amount left? :(

I really like the scent of their spiced vanilla. I actually like vanilla in general whether it's the scent or ice cream or the like.

I've actually had this since December during the Christmas party The Body Shop invited me to.
But I only opened this around late February.

 Here are some info on the box:

Directions on how to use:

More info and some precautionary advice:

And I super love the design on the box!
 Super cute pattern, don't you agree?

and some more details at the bottom of the bottle.

I just feel relaxed whenever I come to my room and smell this vanilla scent. I'm considering buying one but I remembered my mom buying loads of essential oils when she visited the Holy Land so I'll just be using those for a while (to save up money...haha!).

I think The Body Shop currently has this on sale when I visited one of their branches (3 days ago) but the regular price for this is Php 2,050.00. 



  1. I love this too, Dawn!

    But when the budget is tight I settle for those Php99 reed diffusers at SM. They have vanilla-scented ones, and they're okay naman. You can't complain for something worth Php99. :)

  2. will check this out, my man loves vanilla scents!

  3. love this!!!

    btw, I have an ongoing giveaway on my blog. Please join if you haven't yet! :)

  4. Czjai - I'll definitely check those! Php99! sO cheap!!

    wickeRmoss - hope you like it!

    Gelianne - I joined! :)