Monday, April 16, 2012

My Current NYX Round Lipsticks

 Hello there!

I think the brand that I have the most number of makeup from is NYX. I believe that it isn't really surprising since NYX offers good quality makeup in very affordable prices. Although it's not locally available, there are so many online stores that sell them so getting my hands on their products are easy.

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 My favorite among the products NYX has are their lippies. From the black labels, matte, glosses to their round lipsticks, etc. 

I have quite a number of round lipsticks too. I bought them since it's the most affordable one. Although some were freebies, prizes and gifts. :P

So this post is all about the swatches of my NYX round lipstick collection. :)

 swatches on arm

 and individual swatches on my lips:

 Dusty Rose




Lip du Jour

 Sky Pink





 Indian Pink





 My favorites are Louisiana, Gardenia, Chloe, Electra, Paris and Fig while I really don't like Harmonica. Haha. Although it might come in handy for creative makeovers. :P

 There are more colors to choose from if you are interested in buying some NYX round lipsticks.

 Here's their website to see the entire range:



  1. I've been thinking of buying NYX lately! Though what hinders me from buying is that should I buy the ones being sold online or the ones at around a buck abroad then have them shipped over here? HMM :(

    I do like lip du jour and i'm hoping to see you review summer love or orange soda! And you definitely rock red :D


  2. parang hindi kumpleto ang makeup stash ng isang beauty blogger without a nyx round lipstick. hehehe! :P

  3. The Indian pink and fig is quite pretty! thanks for showing the shades ^_^~

  4. Katrina - I just buy online! There are stores who really carry authentic products! Just make sure to check their customer reviews! And thank you! I do love red lippies!

    Gellie - So true or atleast have tried any NYX lippie atleast once!

    Janet - You're very welcome! :)

  5. I did try to buy from and I did notice that it is cheaper than buying the trad Revlon, Covergirl, MAC, etc :) I'd like to hear next what you think of orange soda, summer love and blush! :)

  6. I love Louisiana on you! I have a few NYX in my stash and I can't wait to blog about them~ <3 Thanks for sharing!